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04 October, 2011

Fashion Emergency: Joey Found hand-embellished spiky studs and crystals on Converses.

This is not exactly one-of-a-kind Converse but you can make it to be - just for YOU. My friend, Isabel, introduced this awesome cool hand-embellished spiky Converse by Joey Found (Click link to see we girls rock his creations) to me but too bad that they didn't have her size but mine back then. 

I went to facial for IPL one time wearing this spiky Converse. When I was lying on the patient bed, my dermatologist promised me vigorously that she is going to take grrrrreat care of my skin.....then I was like... huh??!! She said that she saw my provocative shoes there, can't mess up with me {I think she is just being sarcastic.}. So what I mean is "You got to have this shoes!!" (no, I am not affiliate with any of Joey's production/website.) 

 Left: Miu Miu studded platform 10' 
Right: Leather Converse with Joey Found hand-embellished studs

But I guess now Isabel can get her hands on those furry lining Converses for this fall. 

 Black leather Converse with fur, cozy your feet up!!  Anyone??

Oooh, red sued Converse with spiky studs, sassy. I heart!!

(Both pictures credited back to Joey Found website.)

Got studs?
xoxo Rachel 

1 comment:

Mona P said...

Love those spiky Converses!


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