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11 July, 2011

The Underpinnings of Our Friendships.........

Every friend of mine knows that I am blogging.... things such as fashion, friends, life, travel, food.....etc. I love the fact that I have different groups of friends who share their life with me in their different perspectives, different life styles {such as life in Asia vs. life in USA, or the education when kids go to school in Asia vs. that in USA..etc. } The underpinnings of our friendship extend to the fact that we share our love for our friends and family. We know We'd grow OLD together, watch our kids growing up together and share our lifetime together.  You need friends who understands you. The most important things is we support/listen to each other in every situation. We always joked that we'd even move together to keep us company if our significant the other half goes to heaven earlier than us. lol. 

Ah, in reality is that my support of my continuing writing the blog is from my hubby and friends!! Without hubby's hard-working, I can't have the luxury to enjoy so many beautiful things in life. As for my gals, they normally freak out if I ask them their pictures!! lol.  So, if I am lucky, they'd approve one or two pictures of them for me to post it here. However, they always generously volunteer to take pictures of my outfit of the day for me. ^O^ 

I assume today is not my lucky day as I can only share with you their hands and those accessories that they are crazy about .... lol {Those bangles deserves another post.}

I was trying to convince Fiona to get a side bang... ^^ so I want to show how pretty she looks here!!

How about wear your necklace side-way!!!???

Juicy Contour one-piece chiffon dress, necklace (Vanitas store), Pandora (Fiona's) bag, Converse sneakers with the designer DIY studs.

Converse sneakers + the designer DIY studs {I really need to reiterate this post in the future.}

Thanks to Isabel who took us to this high-fashion boutique and show me this cool Converse sneakers that they only have my size but Isabel. :P

Helmut Lang top/skirt, Prada gold strap wooden platform
{Thanks to the manager in Vanitas boutique who took those editorial pictures of me.}


eggspig said...

Wow, I love those bangles! Where did u get them?

EngineeringFashionista said...

It's a blessing to have such wonderful friends. Friends are so important especially when you don't have family close by. Enjoy your trip to Korea.


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