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20 July, 2011

Eat, Play and Leave~~

The post is dedicate to my friends.

Time flies and we are leaving for SF tonight.  We are glad that we can get back to our regular schedule in USA, and interestingly, most of my friends from USA are counting on days going back to their home as well. They miss their home very much as well.  

I love the life in Taipei but I guess I am used to doing everything on my own such as grocery shopping, cooking, washing/styling my hair, doing my own make-up (no need to glue fake lashes one by one), dropping off/picking up kids,..... and most important of all, my work-out routine. Therefore, I didn't notice I'd be more relaxed with the help from my parents. I enjoy my busy mom life in USA. Besides, we troubled my parents enough and it is time to let them restore their energy until next time. lol.  

However, I am glad that not only can I meet up my old friends in Taipei, also old pal from USA. Andrea, who lives in USA, and I have known each other for 7 years after my first son, Niel, was born. We had play dates a lot when kids are very young but the crazy schedule and different school districts made it hard to meet up. This time, thanks to her husband's business trip in Taipei, we finally had the chance to have a lunch together. 

Me: Opening Ceremony tassel top and leggings, Chanel Garden collection flap 2011, Trippen shoes. 

Thank you, 素貞, for watching my kids yesterday. They had a blast the whole afternoon. 

I had this mixed liquor drink, "Around the world" which infused with Rum, Vodka, Jim....and pineapple juice in Just-In Bistro Wine bar yesterday.  Surprisingly, me and hubby didn't get drunk at all. ^^

Thanks to my cousin, Serena.  I will miss you. 

犇 Ben Teppanyaki 

Going to the airport!!
See you...
xoxo Rachel 


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Rachel, I swear, with every new photo your eye make up only gets better!! How do you do that? Care to post a tutorial? :) Or maybe even a video tutorial? :)

Charles said...

I love your top and leggings! so stylish :)

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia. I ll see what I can do.. I normally won't do heavy eye make ups but since girls on Taiwan nowadays tend to glue fake lashes on, so o thought I'd better blend in!! Lololololo......

Ah, thank you, Charlie. I thought Opening Ceremony had very good inspired/well-designed collection in general.


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