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12 July, 2011

‎2011 Summer 台北遇見张韶涵 (Angela Chang) !

偶像劇- "soap opera is so popular in Asia especially love to watch those young and handsome/beautiful actors and actresses acting in it." 

Today Irene and I are lucky that we stumble into one of the young actresses, 张韶涵 (Angela) , [ the one disguised in big frame glasses and hat ^O^] at Breeze Center. We took couple pictures with her and had a very short conversation.

{Now I am crazy about her songs...and happen to like the same skirt!! ^^}

{Mine is size Medium and it needs some alternation as it's kind big around waist!}


1. Top: 
black tie-back low cut bustier
 2. Bottom:
Helmut Lang frequency print maxi skrit
3. Accessory:
Hermes Rubis Lindy 30
4. Shoes:
Converse leather sneakers with "designer DIY studs"
The skirt is pretty long.... without high heels, I have to pull it up a little while walking around in Taipei!!

Count down our trip to Korea in 2 days.

Enjoy your summer to the max!!
xoxo Rachel 

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