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All about Shorts.

As usual, we stayed in the city last Memorial Day weekend. What's not usual to me is I don't have a whole wardrobe there in our apartment and I would panic. I don't think I like the slightest doubt of what if... what if a key piece is missing or not available to complete my look while the stay in the city. Oh, man, .. no ~~ :P 

Wear the same outfit?? 
Heck, no way, neither~ But I guess it is pretty silly to pack 3 ensembles with me to flaunt in the city just over the weekend. So what I did is I grabbed my shorts, blazer and couple freshly shipped denim shirt and tights from Shopbop this time.  You know what, I must come up a better packing strategy in the future.

I kept that Zara printed blue shirt/jacket away from me in the apartment in the city. Mentally, I guess I felt that shirt served me well and I have no problem to part it away in the future. 

NOTE: Please enter yourself to SHOPBOP $100 giveaway. (ends June 5th) 

Shine denim vintage shirt with tie (link here), Maje linen…

Shopbop $100 Gift Card Giveaway!!

I hope you did catch the 3 days sale/promotion from Shopbop. As I scored this dress from Opening Ceremony along with my other gal friend, Yu. We both love the demure feminine flair and up-to-date chartreuse color of it. 

Ok, what if you did miss it. Here is your another chance. 

Summer is around the corner, or it is already there in your country. Yes, did you get this??? The giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!!! Yeah~~~~~

So, tell me, what's your plan for your vacation? Oh, tell me where is your utopia first? You must pack Marysia Swim bikinis, because they are fun, flirty and flattering.  Well?? Anything??

If you didn't find the particular style you are looking for? How about go to Swimwear saleto check out and grab a cover-up with you too. Ooooh, don't forget your sunglasses.  Here, check out Marc Jacobs sunglasses, and make sure no one notices that you are checking out that hot guy by the pool or by the beach..... by the bar...... whatever, know where to look …

French Classic~

Jacquard is such a classic fabric and more or less you will find fashion designers come up some pieces or collection with it. 

I saw Jean Paul Gaultier had one dress made out of Jacquard in De Young's Haute Couture exhibition today. And I am lucky to find this Stella McCartney suits (pants didn't show here) with such delicate weave and lovely rusty coral pink from runway 2011. 

Iosselliani necklace and earrings, momo's march (link here) full sun bracelet 

I don't want to stack many of bracelets on my wrists, 1 or 2 on each is sufficient. 

Elfi Altendorfer safety pin bracelet in coral and black (link here), neon colored glass bracelet 

The busiest fabric/pattern combination but in simple color palette.... they just work!!

SportMax black top, Helmut lang past season asymmetric skirt, Stella McCartney jacquard blazer, Jill Sander past season cut-out sandals, Prada leather woven clutch

They are my new summer colors, now go find yours. 
xoxo Rachel 

Food for Your Soul - art!

I am a city girl but once a while, a total seclusion from the crowd is needed. I need that isolation for recharging myself and I also need the exercise to renew my brain activities. Nevertheless, I so need the art to feed my soul.  

What about you? 
Do you think a good piece of art, ( in any form) is worth more than your $4000 Chanel bag or $10,000 Hermes Birkin??  I think if you find an art that inspires you, it's priceless. 
Last weekend I went to Los Altos' art festival after a short retreat from the city.  I really like this kind of arrangement. Now we stay at our suburban house during the weekdays and then I can enjoy city vibe on the weekends.Life is all about balance, right?  Everything in moderation is the key - my dear friend, Isabel, always reminds me of that. 
Here are couple things that attractive to me and I share them with you.  Hope you like them too. 

If you are looking for a statement piece with heavy metal or tribute look, you are in luck here. ^O^  However, you c…

No Heels Weekend in SF city.

I notice I didn't wear heels while we stayed in the city over the weekend. I guess we just walked around a lot in the city compare to the time we walk in the suburban. It is always easy to find a parking space in the suburban thus the driving becomes a habit. 

There are lots of private sales going on and one of the most exciting one is Maje and Sandro in Bloomingdales. I bought a mint green top from Sandro and a linen casual shorts from Maje last weekend. Make sure you check it out before it goes on Public sales. :) 

I am waiting for sofa and some other small furnitures to be delivered to our apartment in the city. Until then, I decided I should wait cause I don't want our apartment in the city looks like a furniture showroom. A dinning table, a nice bed and a TV are enough to enjoy a cozy night in the city for now. 


Free people top, Lilith wide leg pants with oversized pocket, mustard yellow cropped cardigan, Sheer socks, Anne Valerie Hash oxford, Hermes Horn earrings, He…

Crazy for Safety Pin Accessories.

We went to a local fashion event in Palo Alto yesterday. My designer friend, Elfi Altendorfer, set her stand there and we girls took the chance to have a girls' night out too. 

There are lots to see and some of the accessories are made with sustainable materials. Like this paper dress and jacket, they are made by industrial insulated paper.  The designer says that you can wash it and it will not be ribbed nor teared. {Ah, what about first date night? :P }  I am not sure if I will ever wear something like this but I have already bought re-claimed silverware, jewelry and tried to do some good deed to our planet by using recycling plastic whenever I have a home party. 

Elfi Altendorfer handcrafted jewelry (link here)

Elfi Altendorfer handcrafted jewelry 

Elfi Altendorfer handcrafted jewelry 
My safety pin accessories collection! 

We girls with my dearest friend, Elfi, had a wonderful fashion night out!! 

Enjoy your weekend with lots of accessories.
xoxo Rachel 

Love Summer like a love song!!

(left to right) Elfi Altendorfer (link here)  safety pin bracelet (yellow, green, blue) and in the middle (Coral and black), Hermes crocus 12' Collier de Chien

Elfi Altendorfer handcrafted necklace

Prints or no prints, rock your skinny jeans whichever way you want.
xoxo Rachel 

Simple statement look: White tee and washed skinny cropped jeans!

It's getting too warm here in North Cal. even my brain is reluctant working. ^O^ Enjoy summer!! 
Robert Rodriquez pocket tee with rushed shoulder, Mother cropped skinny jeans, Hermes stripy heels, Hermes Vert de Gris Birkin 35cm, Elfi Altendorfer designer jewelry,  Cecili Ho wool felt owl necklace, J crew bracelet, TAI beaded bracelet 

Love the sea world necklace for Summer time!!
xoxo Rachel 

Red Crush!

 Isabel Marant Fidji drawstring washed-georgette patns (link here), Valentino lace skirt, Marc by marc Jacobs tote (link here), Athe' by Vanessa Bruno skinny denim stretch jeans $192 (link here) , Alaia sandals, Etro scarf (link here), Vebessa Aruzaga bracelet (link here) 

Etro paisley printed top, Celine red pants, Marc by march jacob polk dot scarf, Hermes stripy sandal with metal heels, Hermes extra large Rouge bracelet, Elfi Altendorfer (link here) ocean creature necklace, TAI beaded bracelet, Hermes Vert de Gris togo Birkin 35cm. 

Two coral red + black safety pin bracelets by Elfi Altendorfer ( link here) and Hermes extra large bracelet  

We had a wonderful time in SF city last weekend while celebrating Mother's day with my family. 

Make your own red look loud~~
xoxo Rachel