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23 May, 2012

French Classic~

Jacquard is such a classic fabric and more or less you will find fashion designers come up some pieces or collection with it. 

I saw Jean Paul Gaultier had one dress made out of Jacquard in De Young's Haute Couture exhibition today. And I am lucky to find this Stella McCartney suits (pants didn't show here) with such delicate weave and lovely rusty coral pink from runway 2011. 


Iosselliani necklace and earrings, momo's march (link here) full sun bracelet 

I don't want to stack many of bracelets on my wrists, 1 or 2 on each is sufficient. 

Elfi Altendorfer safety pin bracelet in coral and black (link here), neon colored glass bracelet 


The busiest fabric/pattern combination but in simple color palette.... they just work!!

SportMax black top, Helmut lang past season asymmetric skirt, Stella McCartney jacquard blazer, Jill Sander past season cut-out sandals, Prada leather woven clutch

They are my new summer colors, now go find yours. 
xoxo Rachel 


Dana said...

I LOVE that Prada clutch. The color is so on trend and the basket weave is just CLASSIC!!!


shoesaddict said...

I just want to let you know I've been following your blog for a few months now and have been inspired by the way you put together your outfits. It seem so effortless and chic. In fact I'm so addicted to your blogs and have back tracked your older posts. some of it seem so timeless. simply love it. the only problem now is I'm spending more on clothes and accessories. Lately i've added quite a few dresses. anyway to show us how to layer with dresses and different ways to wear it. (also, can you archive your blogs by months and year?)
Does your hubby always approved of your high dollar purchases? Mine normally won't say anything but I kinda of feel guilty at times.

Rachel Cheng said...

Thanks, girls! Once u found the right color for u, my suggestion is ; go get as many varieties of things to pair with. ;)

Ah, @Shoeaddit, yes, my hubby would nag when he sees the bill. However, I always tell him, "happiness comes from self-satisfaction!" And of course other things too!! But if dressing up pretty makes me happy and take great care of my family, let me be. I'm not buying cars or diamonds to make huge debt of our bank, a bit of vain is alright!! ^_^
Oh, yes, good quality of clothes/accessories last forever. So I cannot shop at forever 21, AF,...etc. ( j crew, madewell.... Sorts r fine with me.) Since I'm not college students nor 20 something, I need and love things with quality and can have memory to grow old with.
Enjoy ur life and love urself!!

Xo Rachel

Taylor Kristiina said...

awesome outfit!


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