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Do you like "metallic" color? I know I love metallics anything, from metallic fabric, metallic nails, to metallic hair...etc. Yeah, you hear it all-right!! I am not talking about provocative heavy metal look.  Metallics in soft hues are just so feminine. I say I am a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I am glad that she pulled off this persimmon gowns at Golden Global Award elegantly. As the other orange Dior dress worn on Marion Cotillard is also very pretty. I don't mind seeing them wear dresses from the same couture house in similar style. As a factual level, I think they both carry their own look gracefully. 
As for myself, I have quite a few pieces in metallic shades and sheen. I happen to pull them out from my wardrobe these days and strut them out with some fresh air. Ooh la la ~~ 

Metallic nude/pink skirt

Metallic gold/brown blazer 
Wear your metallics and have some fun with it!
xoxo Rachel 

Green is still hot in 2013!

I love both RED and GREEN and I often wear these two colors together. Fortuitously, they work perfectly on me too. As far as the red is concerned,  I think it is almost an infectious color.  My friend, Isabel, first loves RED, by then I wasn't even into it in 2011. Suddenly, I bought red pants, red skirt,... even now Giorgio Armani 400 red lipstick is my all time favorite. RED is such a classic color that true red or rouge if you prefer a little fancier name almost flatters everyone too. Then there is GREEN, any shade of green is gorgeous in my eyes. If you notice, it is not easy to layer different red altogether but it is somehow perfectly congruous to wear more than one shade of green in one look. Believe me, it works!! 

Marni runway daisy tank s/s 2012, Marni red mid-length skirt f/w 2012, Carven sleeveless trench dress,  HM black cardigan, silver wedge, Tom Binn safety pin necklace, NM&Target collaborated clutch 

Maeve shirt (Anthropologie), equipment cashmere sweater, Y-3 l…

Modern Pop Art Fashion (Part II)

Last Saturday we girls had a blast at Cathy's POP ART party. We went to Castro st. in San Francisco and had French food at Bisou Bistro in the neighborhood. As promised, I am here to share our outfits with you. Everyone has their own interpretation of what's Modern pop art look is and we are so happy that we get to know the history of how does it originate. You know, it is important to do our homework before our trying to put pieces together for Cathy's special event. So, here it is for my dearest friend, Cathy. 

Happy birthday, Cathy!!! 

Ooh la la~~~


me and Catherine


Yu, Cathy and me. (from left) 

Irene and YU 

See all the colorful jeans, leggings and our funky shoes!!

Me and Yu (We are bow twins. ^O^ Don't we look like a lovely couple in Castro neighborhood???lol. ) 

To my lovely girl friends, Pei, Irene, Sally, Yu, Catherine and Cathy!!!!

Keep up the fun spirit!!!
xoxo Rachel 

Modern Pop Art Fashion (Part I)!

It is almost my dear friend, Cathy, birthday. Thus, a celebration is a must!!  We love all sorts of celebration, it is a perfect excuse for us to get together, an excuse to buy new clothes, and an excuse to do extra chores in the house while anticipating the upcoming girls' night out. lol... Our non-conventional celebration is each birthday girl have to pick a theme for us to dress up and a restaurant for attending the party. 
This time, Cathy picked POP ART as the theme. Ugh~~~~ You know it is a tough one, right? Tough for me in a sense that when is the last time I wore a GIANT logo or a printed popular idol on me... hum... I pondered so long that I cannot recall at all. NO,... nada...never!! Therefore, the only approach for me is patterns, bright colors and modern and substantial enough to spot it right away as POP ART. 
Obviously, the outfit I worn today is my modern attempt into the pop art world. I clashed all popular patterns of chains, stripes, argyle and bows. I love my outf…

A Wish-List: 2013 On going project for myself.

I have my spring 2013 wish-list ready but I am not ready to share them with you.  


BECAUSE I am in the process of trying very hard to shrink them down to 10 pieces.... lol... Please bare with me, as long as I have the 10 Must-haves, I will reveal them here. 

However, I still have something that substantial enough to share with you and I am sure those pieces will keep me warm and snuggled throughout the chilly winter.

1. Ombre' pink and orange scarf by LEIGH & LUCA
2. Cashmere sweater by equipment
3. Quilted olive green coat with detachable beads on the hood by S' Max Mara
4. Cotton and leather leggings/pants by Vaguel Allegra 
5. Puzzle leather fuchsia high top with gold cap-toe with Joey Found hand-embellished studs/acrylic Cross design

Keep warm and stay healthy!
xoxo Rachel 

Italian sausage fried rice.

I made this Italian sausage fried rice the other day. Kids and hubby absolutely love it. It is flavorful in a sense that the sausage has its fat and saltiness that you don't need to add much condiments at all. Here is my simple ingredient list. You are welcome to try. It is so simple that the only chopping is the sausage and the only tip is throwing ingredients in one at a time. You don't want a soggy and watery fried rice so you have to add soy sauce to taste little by little. 

Ingredients2 italian sausage (chopped and I used ready to eat after heated) 2 eggs (beaten or not beaten doesn't matter)2 bowl of leftover/cold ricegarlic clove (minced)2 tablespoon water ( to soften the rice before you add to the Wok if rice is previously refrigerated) 1 tsp salt1 tablespoon soy sauce/oyster sauce (depends on your preference and taste) 14 tsp hot pepper sauce1 cup frozen peas (don't need to thaw as it cooked quick and I like the intact of the peas after cooking) DirectionsIn…

Clashing patterns without rules but attitude!

I love clashing patterns, as there is not rules, only attitude!!! 
(Pic. taken from harper's bazaar)

Maeve agatelle Buttondown bicycle shirt, Alexix mabille bow high waisted pants, Dannijo haircalf booties, All Saints smoke leather military jacket with tail, H&M floral scraf, Hermes Bicotin.

Wear your ensemble with attitude and live your life with determination. 

xoxo Rachel 

How well you take care of your skin and your eyes?

Friends and I were talking about skincare the other day. We are lucky that we still look young and vigorous with our skin in our 30s.  However, the good skincare is a must and is a immediate matter before the lines and saggy looking shown on our face. I know embrace ourselves in every age is an act of confidence but a smart way to freeze our youth and prolong it is not so bad at all. 

I bought several facial devices the past 5 years but I don't really use them everyday until my friend recommends Opal to me. It is an Eye massager which helps diminishing fine lines, crow's feet around the eyes. I have started for over a month and I love it. The reason I love it is because it makes you feel great after each massage and is so efficient in just doing 30 seconds for each eye that you are done. We all need an instant gratification sometimes, don't we??!! With the serum came with the device and the Opal device, I can see my skin around my eyes become so subtle and tightened. Of cou…

The Classic Act!

Who doesn't have black little dress in the closet? They are classic and mysterious. Don't worry about adding colors to your wardrobe even they are already occupied your half or 3/4 of your closet. I bet your accessories are not black, right? Why don't you just add a touch of color on your look by wearing colorful or bold accessories?!! They are no brainer! ^O^ 

Valentino rockstuds heels 

Black knitting LBD with removable satin puff sleeves, pleated skirt, Hermes croc belt, Chanel rabbit tall boots, Alexander McQueen skull and lace clutch, Philippe Ferrandis Twiggy black/yellow ring. 

Wear your black. 
xoxo Rachel 

My Christmas 2012!

This is probably silly but I think I still want to share it with you all. My very own Christmas look!! ^O^

I had friends over to my house for a gift exchange Christmas party.

Cannot not have some entertaining~~ Let's do shots, girls. ^O^

Last but not least, good food!!

 I can't thank enough for my lovely friends that night and we had a blast. Everyone is happy with their gifts. ^O^ 

xoxo Rachel 

Monochromatic Gray!!

I love wearing monotoned outfit whenever I am out of inspiration. Honestly, I think it is simply outstanding! (Sorry that I didn't update my blog very often as I am all over the Facebook recently. ^O^)

My girl friends love to wear monotoned colors such as all pink sweater with pink lips or red pants with bloody red lips too. I love it, and they look lovely too. ( Maybe I should share the pictures but I need their approval. lol..) 

Jewel sweatshirt, oat sleeveless sweater, Helmut Lang leather legging, Frye slate boots
Love that dirt cheap GAP sequins clutch. 
Wear your monotoned colors.
xoxo Rachel