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31 January, 2013


Do you like "metallic" color? I know I love metallics anything, from metallic fabric, metallic nails, to metallic hair...etc. Yeah, you hear it all-right!! I am not talking about provocative heavy metal look.  Metallics in soft hues are just so feminine. I say I am a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and I am glad that she pulled off this persimmon gowns at Golden Global Award elegantly. As the other orange Dior dress worn on Marion Cotillard is also very pretty. I don't mind seeing them wear dresses from the same couture house in similar style. As a factual level, I think they both carry their own look gracefully. 

As for myself, I have quite a few pieces in metallic shades and sheen. I happen to pull them out from my wardrobe these days and strut them out with some fresh air. Ooh la la ~~ 

 photo IMG_1827_zps0b48ed2a.jpg
Metallic nude/pink skirt

 photo IMG_1854_zpsb7956044.jpg
Metallic gold/brown blazer 

Wear your metallics and have some fun with it!
xoxo Rachel 

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