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21 January, 2013

Modern Pop Art Fashion (Part II)

Last Saturday we girls had a blast at Cathy's POP ART party. We went to Castro st. in San Francisco and had French food at Bisou Bistro in the neighborhood. As promised, I am here to share our outfits with you. Everyone has their own interpretation of what's Modern pop art look is and we are so happy that we get to know the history of how does it originate. You know, it is important to do our homework before our trying to put pieces together for Cathy's special event. So, here it is for my dearest friend, Cathy. 

Happy birthday, Cathy!!! 

 photo 321334_10151254706244315_1313497113_n-1_zps31879256.jpg
Ooh la la~~~

 photo IMG_1682_zpsbeec824e.jpg

 photo 379597_10151254707359315_311453948_n_zps8c5759df.jpg
me and Catherine

 photo IMG_1636_zpse2d4b2b1.jpg

 photo IMG_2014_zpsb5458743.jpg
Yu, Cathy and me. (from left) 

 photo photo-4_zps384c4318.jpg
Irene and YU 

 photo IMG_2030_zps0ff4603e.jpg
See all the colorful jeans, leggings and our funky shoes!!

 photo IMG_1621_zps63850c2a.jpg
Me and Yu (We are bow twins. ^O^ Don't we look like a lovely couple in Castro neighborhood???lol. ) 

 photo IMG_1684_zpsd94e61f9.jpg
To my lovely girl friends, Pei, Irene, Sally, Yu, Catherine and Cathy!!!!

Keep up the fun spirit!!!
xoxo Rachel 

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