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20s Young Girls vs. Early 30s Slightly Matured Women!!

Today I went out w/ my friend, Irene. We are at the age of what people categorize as slighted matured women. When we dress, we tend to think about the good manner of "being appropriate". However, when we were young, we never have to worry about wearing a secured panties under our mini skirt. We dress whatever we want regardless what people think.

Irene wants to find a panties so she can dress her little dress or mini skirt w/o worrying about a thing. So we went to American Apparel in Palo Alto.

I swear that we only spend 1 hr. at American Apparel before my little one fall deeply asleep in the stroller.

Irene and I had exactly same design of cardigan VESTs....mine is gray tone w/ dusty rose color while hers is gray. We don't know that we wear the same vest until we met up. hah....... Oh, of course except for we bought the cardigan vest from Taiwan together.

Irene's ODJ!!

1. TOP:
American Apparel purple long tankGray cardigan long vest (bought in Taiwan)Black/grayish cardig…

Big shoulder + Mini Part II !!!

So the fashion indeed comes around and goes around every 10 or 15 years!! The big shoulder look is back!! Runway shows are full of the 80s inspired look, big shoulder, bright colors, and exaggerated expression and accessories! Haha, oh ~~ just like Madonna's style in the movie of "Desperately Seeking Susan!"

Desperately Seeking Susan (Theatrical Trailer)
Uploaded by NakedBrotha2007

In Japan, there is a new phrase describing girls who read fashion magazine everyday and copy exactly what's on the runway look. You merely see their personality nor so-called style at all through what they wear. They called this kind of girl...."sweet heart girl".

In fact, that's not too bad for a nickname at all and doesn't even sound anything wrong to me. I guess girls wear runway or trendy look is still fabulous but if a girl can say "Wow, it's cute, but NO, it does suit me." Then I would say that girl knows her own style!!!

This is a jacket I am in love w/.

A random play!!!

I was talking w/ friends online about I want a pair of gladiator heels . But she wants a pair of this Balmain Studded Sandals and I did a little fun w/ mix-n-match on this pair of sandals for her.

Hope you girls like it too!!

Day 6 after the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

I still cannot wear heels until my Doc. approval. I wore my Chanel flat out ...but just don't think it matches my ODJ so I took pic. w/ a pair of better alternatives.

I am very happy as I received my Chanel Rodeo Drive Large Tote today. I sent my bag to have it repaired last year in Dec. It reminds me my family's Paris trip last Nov. and we had such a wonderful time in France. W.henever I carried this Chanel tote, I feel like going to a vacation in Europe again.

I am in a mood of sailing!!

The belt is almost the same shade as my heels.

1. TOP:
Max&Co. gold sparkle dark brown shirtColcci tartan vest (made in Brazil)
2. Bottom:
black riding pants/leggingstag fall off - longer leg pants w/ slits at side(made in UK)3. Shoes: Jean-Mitchel Cazabat metallic brown/purple two buckles strap heels
4. houndstooth scarf
5. Belt: purple belt w/ metallic sheen
6. Bag:
Chanel Gray classic jumboChanel black Rodeo Drive Large toteI will shed off riding pants in the summer for a sexier look....:P

w/ Cha…

Mix n' Match from 40s to 70s!!!

Ruffle skirt is always a staple of being feminine w/ a little flirty. I found a longer length ruffle skirt which will give me a more sophisticated look. I like the term "Posh eclectic" (credited to The Lucky guide to mastering any style.) for the style I had on today.

I found women are even sexier when dress mixed old Hollywood glamour w/ urban sleekness.

I always like dusty rose color and variation of that color spectrum. I found this St. John Contour (runway) ensemble has pretty much about everything I am looking for.

Here is my ODJ!!

1. TOP
white silk cami.Gucci black ruched neck tank topSt. John Contour Jill Stuart green cropped peplum coat 2. St. John Contour ruffle skirt
3. Shoes: Rudy's riding boots (bought in Paris)
4. Bag: Lanvin Happy Sac
5. Belt: Ellen Tracy camel belt w/ gold bamboo style buckle
6. Accessory:
Cameo earrings (bought at vintage store)Rose motif necklace w/ gold chain (bought at vintage store)I always love cameo necklace, ring or earrings. I found this …

Gone crazy w/ retro style n' Do-it-yourself project on my old clothes!!

Why do people love to shop at eBay? Is it because everything is cheaper or is it just convenient? Or just want to find something which doesn't exist in the present time.

As I am pretty addicted to shop at vintage store these days and finding it is so fun to dress back time like 60s or 70s. I know, I don't just dress retro style, I also feel the history and have the right attitude. I definitely understand that when you dress up, don't let the ensemble speak louder than your personality.

Here is my little project I did last week after I read runway fashion magazine. Everyone loves nice brand, good quality clothes but not everyone would spend so much money on every piece of high brand clothes. I know I wouldn't.

I like left ensemble of this Lanvin outfit w/ that light sophisticated and just the right feminine and modern look.

I cut off my old long sleeves shirt and transform it to a Lanvin-like look. Now I think I'd wear it more often this summer.

1. TOP:
Metallic silver…

Day 3 after the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

I told DH that I feel suffocated w/o going out window shopping after yesterday. hah...I know, even just one day I felt I am deserted from the fashion week in NY.

Today, DH said that he wants to eat at Left Bank at Santana Row. Well, why am I so surprised?? Because he said that just for me!!! He knows that I like going to fancy restaurants and feeling alive when just looking at the window display outside those shops. Oh, what a sweet guy for me!!! haha.....

Off we go Left Bank.

Today I call my outfit as style of Rock and Roll + Posh Eclectic! (The term is credited to the book "The Lucky Guide to Master Any Style" )

Here is my inspiration!! (pic. credited to ,

1. TOP:
Navy blue ruched turtle neck w/ mosaic decor. topNo brand peasant dress/tonic topMcginn cropped vest (come w/ a blazer)Vince leather jacket2. Hosiery: Brown w/ tiny orange/white dots stockings
3. Rudy's black riding boots (bought in Paris)
4. Greenish/ taupe knitting scarf (bought in H&M)
5. Ba…

Day 2 after the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

Yesterday, we went to dim sum for brunch as every weekend. But since DH, my son and older daughter all caught the flu and have fever on and off, we went home rest.

There, I had simple black and white outfit again!!! Do I feel bored w/ this black n' white combination? NO, and never!!

When I had a mood to wear something, I might be consistent of wearing the ensemble until I am satisfied w/ the look. I was trying to wear that striped blazer as often as I can to have my money worth it too. Meanwhile, I want to see how does this white top look after I altered it myself. I bought it at size XL, and imagine I am normal size 0 to 4. That white shirt is way too big w/o any alternation.

This top has a pretty looping stitches.

I tore the treads around one shoulder and turned it into a one shouldered top.

Do I look like I am ready for the play of Kong Fu Panda II!!! haha......

1. TOP: Tsesay white shirt w/ loop stitches (altered to one shouldered top for a updated look)
2. Bottom: Joseph black w…

Designer Scarves: A Vintage Vera Scarf and a Scarf by Lanvin!!

I have to credited both the title and the pictures to a website called Fashion-era.

Like I said, when I buy things, I want they have sentimental values to me. Would it be a necklace of souvenir from traveling or a scarf found in vintage shop, we can't afford buying baubles when we get older. What are we going to do w/ all those trinkets after we die?? They might all wind up sitting in the attic like hidden treasure. What a waste!!! I think I am going to label all my accessories and separately store costume jewelry from real GOLD. Now, I just give myself a good reason to buy me another nice jewelry box. haha.......

I had two things that's so called Collector pieces!! I like vintage style from 1950s and I sure will research more about fashion during the era and that will be great help when I hunt for vintage treasure.



Day 1 of the spider vein surgery (Sclerotherapy).

Well, my older daughter caught the cold from school so I decided to let my son stays home w/ us too. Then I don't have to drive all of us back and forth from school while my son will have his first tennis class today at 5 PM.

Today is the 1st day after my surgery.

I cannot get wet for my left leg and I had to have that "unbearable" tight hosiery on around the clock for 3 days. But how can I tolerant 3 days not washing my hair or even have a shower!!! I even went shower right after I delivered my babies while mom and in-laws told me not to for at least a month. They said, otherwise, I will have headache rest of my life. Oh....I am sorry, I just had to disobey them about that nonsense as my OB/GYN here in USA said.

You know in Asia, the labor is not as costly as rest of the countries. Women went to hair salon almost every day or at least every other day to have their hair washed, styled, nail trimmed, and even a good complimentary shoulder massage. The cost is probably only …