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16 February, 2009

Little trinkets, big stories!!

Those are trinkets bought when I travel, or gifted by someone when they visited in other countries. They really aren't much value themselves but it is the story behind them touches my heart.

The very top wood beads necklace is from a local shop in Thailand. After we had our 1st daughter, my dad took us family to Thailand when we traveled back to Taipei. I was fanaticized by African culture at that moment. Basically, I am such an xenophile of everything. I know those are handmade by local family or artists who might make it for a living for a huge family. If I can make a small change to a local family, I will be so happy. There I bought it at local instead of paying triple price at fancy department store or gift shop at Hotel.

I seldom wear it during winter or fall. I guess it is because the necklace is from a sultry country and I think only a light weight, simple w/ earthy tone ensemble would suit it. Now looking at the necklace makes me feel like tapping drums and playing rattles!! haha...

Rest of them are gifts. I like the ring when first saw my friend wearing it. She said it is from a girl friend of hers who makes such handcrafts for fun. So she asked her friend made one for me. Those beads are a symbol of luck.

As for the blue necklace and matching earrings, they are gifts from my DH's client/boss' wife. They are Indians living in USA but travel all over the world most of the time. I never been to India but I have been to Dubai if you think they have similar culture. It is such an exotic country w/ everything looks strange to me...hah.....But strange means fun and adventurous to me!!!

Here is My ODJ!

1. TOP:
  • Lilla P charcoal gray turtle neck
  • Boss orange line olive green cap sleeves top
  • Ted Baker off-white extra big neck top
  • Vince leather jacket(I didn't take pic. w/ it)
2. Bottom:
  • Max& Co. washed wide leg jeans
  • Vera Wang wide pleats 2 tone skirt
3. Chanel distressed white reissue 227
4. Shoes:
  • Chanel gray w/ metal charm deco. mary jane flat
  • Frye pull-on boots in slate
5. Belt: Max & Co. brown w/ large buckle

My Dior leather framed sunglasses!

DH took pic. for me in the morning before he left for work.

My friend, Cathy, wants to go to Great Mall today. We took kids lunch at Fresh Choice as they can have everything they want and toss everything they don't like there!!ahha....

I decided to take off my blue necklace and earrings as they look too busy on me.

Ok!! So everyone smells my little girl pued but me, I guess I still suffer from nasal congestion.

I had to change my jeans after get home since it stained w/ my girl's pu.

I found the skirt even compliments my tops better........w/ a pair of so my style boots.

Amazingly those colors are from different brands but works perfectly together!!


Isabel said...

Rachel - I totally understand what you meant about the sentimental values of jewelries. I have couple necklaces that my grandmother bought me from her trips when I was in elementary school. These jewelries are not necessary expensive, but I love them so much!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:
you know, whenever I visited Vintage shop, I keep wondering that what if my kids cannot tell valuable things I passed to them from the ones I bought in vintage store.....they might toss the real valuable things into garbage can or even sell them at garage-sell. well....after hear what you said, I think I really shouldn't worry so much as I am hoping my kids will value things like the way you value gifts from your grandmom...priceless!!

Tastes of Home said...

hi R - dropping in to say hi, yeah I love to buy handmade jewellery wherever I travel - does not have to be expensive at all, love how u paired these. I really like the boots.

Minami/ Jenn


litlstrawberry said...

hi, Jenn:
Thanks for dropping by here. I also like "things" we buy for a good reason....yes, like Isabel said, the sentimental values means more than the price to us.


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