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09 February, 2009

Cross necklace for the look or for your religion?

I had this Feberge cross necklace way before I met my husband and before I am baptized as a Christian.

I think Feberge is famous for its egg-shaped container design!!

Before, I always think this cross necklace is just a fashion staple but now it means more than that to me. Whenever I have this cross necklace on, I feel peaceful and pretty at the same time. It is a great feeling when you wearing something which also means something to you personally!!!

This morning, I made fry-rice for lunch and dropped the lunch boxes at school for my 2 toddlers. I also made one extra for my husband. I asked DH to take my ODJ pic. after he finished his lunch!!

Today is such a nice weather in Nor. Cal. and I guess the weather-predict predicts it wrong that it didn't rain at all.

1. TOP:
  • Dimension while bib front victory style shirt dress (bought in Paris)
  • Taiwan designer satin green w/ front buttons shirt dress
2. Green patterned leggings
3. Shoes: Charles David multi-colored sling back
4. Accessory:
  • 3 strings w/ different length/size beaded necklace
  • Faberge limited edition 18K gold diamonds and pink Sapphire cross necklace
  • Black beads earrings
5. Bag: Bottega Veneta lambskin off-white tote w/ lock

Those black beaded necklace are fun and great for styling!! They are cheap, btw.

This is my only and the first Bottega bag from 6 years ago.

I think sling back heels never out-dated!!


Kai W. said...

Hi lilstrawberry: I love your cross necklace. Is that lapis? It's beautiful!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kai W.: seems you know better than I do. :) I probably should do a research about either "lapis" or pieces from "Faberge" and see if they use lapis to decorate their intricate EGG most of the time.
Thanks for dropping by!!

Isabel said...

Rachel - After seeing you "recycling" your wardrobe, it inspired me to do the same. I noticed that I wear 20% of clothes 80% of time, so there are a lot of clothes I forgot that I have. Some even have tags on still. I need to be more like you, wear new things right away, or else I would never wear them. Your ensemble is very casual chic, and the leather on your BV bag looks very supple and buttery. Oh, I went to Nordstrom Rack today because they have a designer pre-sale. I didn't see the Mcginn blazer, but I did see the Chanel skirt that matches your jacket. Are you sure you don't want the skirt just so you have the whole set?

litlstrawberry said...

what???/ Isabel: what you just said there?????? OH did that skirt end up in Norstrom RACK???? How much is it?? Well, at this moment, I rather not having the matching skirt than spending another DIME on Chanel RTW!! It is one time insane of me..yes, I love my Chanel tweed but you know that full price is a "OUCH" for me as I always think I am so silly buying it at full price....but on the other hand if it is on sale,I probably would not buy it at all!!! haha...wired??? Nop, that's human!!!

Ok..still, what's the size and how much is it??????/? like $500??

litlstrawberry said...

Isabel: are not friends, Cathy and Pei is just like your type. They have brand new clothes sitting in the closet w/ tags on. They buy clothes because they see someone wearing the clothes beautifully and they didn't care if the clothes are their style or even fit them right...haha...

Yes, you should, you can find OLD love again!! IT really is fun and when I found out I don't have new clothes, I become more creative and find it more fun pairing something that I will never think they worked!!! hhahaha....


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