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06 February, 2009

Boy friend jeans or distressed jeans?? How about both in ONE??

I follow the trend every season...well, everyone does, and that's what I always said. No matter it is electronic gadgets or fashion design, man or woman gets what they want to update their "look" every season!!!!!

When the first time I saw the boy friend jeans in the magazine, I totally don't have a feeling w/ the style. It is way too slouchy look for me instead of urban chic. As for the distressed jeans, I like it a lot. I never actually wore out a pair of jeans w/ holes, and how I wish I could so I don't have to buy one w/ HOLES!!! Anyway, I was looking for a pair of jeans yesterday which could go w/ my new striped blazer. I cannot believe I found one in my closet that had both look, well, kinda of a boyfriend jeans w/ distressed look except it is not as loosely as the real boyfriend jeans. I think it would work wonder w/ the new blazer.

1. TOP:
  • Max&CO. black turtleneck
  • no brand white shirt w/ arrow sequins
  • Zara woman striped blazer
2. Bottom: Abrecrombie & Finch jeans
3. Louis Vuitton silver w/ white LV logo dangle hoop earrings 07/08
4. Shose: Costume National blue oxford booties
5. Chanel Navy stripped reissue 227

Be bold w/ patterns or stripes!!

You know, most people probably lose track of how many pair of jeans they had already, I think I can....around 15 pairs!!!

That is not a pair of new sunglasses.....but it'll work in the summer!!!


Betsy said...

HAWT!! I had to chuckle a little to see that you actually own Abercrombie & Fitch items since it's a little more young and too casual for your style. I am wrong! You can work it with any brands... something we should all be able to do.

Anyway, the stripped blazer is quite a fun piece to wear and I can see how it can play up a simple dress underneath as well. I do have to say your oxfords seem to be too "heavy" for this ensemble... a strappy sandal, gladiator heels, or simple Manolo/Choo/CL pumps perhaps?

Cool sunglasses!

litlstrawberry said...


Thanks for the tips...I actually thought about my CL studded booties yesterday...but somehow I paired this w/. I think I am going to pair my CL booties to NM right I need to exchange something there.

Yes, the glasses...we don't wear white/clear sunglasses very often..but I think it is almost s/s and it is fun look!!!

isabel said...


I love your sunglasses! In fact, when I bought my Chloe, I was considering the ivory/beige one. I am not a big fan of boyfriend jeans, especially the current/elliot ones. They are way to slouchy for me and did not flatter me at all. Yours, however, is a good take on the trend. They got the casual vibe but yet looked put together because of the tailored fit.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Isabel:
Thanks.....that sunglasses is from Prada bought at couple years ago. I think we all like lighter color frame during summer.

I went to LV to try the brown shawl (well, I really am not into it but since I was there...just thought it would be fun too.) and it didn't flatter me at all. Maybe it is cause I wore today's ensemble which would look extremely awkward w/ that leopard shawl hah....BUT I think they have purple shawl which I have not had the chance to see IRL....but it will worth the try!!

Yes, me don't likie the boyfriend jeans ...but my friend, Cathy so want to get one...since last year. You can tell her style is way casual and urban chic side!!


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