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12 February, 2009

How many looks can you create w/ ONE shirt?

I had inspiration from a friend's ensemble w/ her Balenciaga bag and sunglasses. Today, I recycle my clothes and layer couple pieces on for a new look and carry my violet Balenciaga bag and two toned Balenciaga sunglasses.

I had the same shirt w/ total different look of today and I like both of the styles. It all depends on how do you mix-n'-match them.

1. TOP:
  • Laura Moshi Zebra gray tank
  • Earl Jeans chain gray toned shirt
  • Parameter pin striped shirt dress
2. Bottom: Ksubi spray-on jeans w/ zipper details (Australia brand)
3. Chanel 08 s/s CC logo w/ onyx dangle earrings
4. Baleciaga part-time bag in Violet
5. Balenciaga orange/purple oversized sunglasses
6. Shoes: Chie Mihara cut-out boots
7. Accessory: Designer friend, Elfi's water pearls, leaves, beads chain necklace

This Earl Jeans shirt has a retro look w/ its chain pattern design.

I kinda like the reveal of bare skin from the cut-out boots.

I like layer 2 shirts/shirt dress together, I guess that's my habit!!

This is another look w/ the same shirt.


Isabel said...

Rachel - I absolutely love bal bag and sunglasses! I think we have similar tastes in clothings, but yet totally different styles! Besides the bal bag and sunglasses, I think my Loeffler Randall cut-out booties look like the ones you are wearing today. Oh, having seen your pictures, I want to warn you we look nothing alike - so if you see me this weekend, don't be expecting a model-like person such as yourself.

litlstrawberry said...

I think we do...we both have smart feature....the forehead!! haha...

You are very pretty.:) In fact, I want our sons to meet!! hehe......we have a big play structure at our back yard.


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