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07 February, 2009

Got Style???

I am playing w/ all kind of styles these days and I think whenever I saw someone looks good in one particular style, I try to mimic it!!

Then I think I might lose my personal style a little and just to be someone else which is, in fact, not all bad at all!! This must have something to do w/ dual personality and I believe everyone has that potential to act as someone else.

Being like someone else doesn't seem to be bad at all in my opinion. I get to change my attitude to fit whatever ensemble I wore and even change a mood w/ it. Aren't everyone like me trying all sorts of style but eventually go back to the real personality w/ distinctive style of yourself!!!???

I think I really like pleated skirts. I counted that I have total 3 pleated skirts w/ different width of the pleats. They are 2 black and 1 yellow-dominated pleated skirts. It gives me a formal yet cute look, yes, just like high school girl.

1. TOP:
  • Hugo Boss mustard ruched turtleneck
  • D&G multiple-colored leaves sheer blouse
  • A/X satin trim blazer
2. Bottom: no brand, fabric from France wide pleated skrit
3. Hosiery: Baby blue
4. Shoes: Betsy Johnson gold-heel w/ ankle straps heels
5. Chanel distressed white reissue 227 08/09 cruise collection
6. Hermes' Ostrich belt w/ gold textured "H" buckle

Yellow and blue are contrast colors and I want my white reissue stand out more w/ blue undertone!! Does it work? Well, yeh, it is so white under the bright light!!

I think I need more holes on my is a bit loose!!!

I really like that baby-blue color stockings.......


La Vanguardia said...

I think every girl should have a pleated skirt in her wardrobe! I also wore mine today!

isabel said...


You look so cute! I like the scarf you are wearing! I think I may take the plunge and get the LV scarf after all. I just claimed my incircle points from NM and I have $500 in GC, so if I use that, the scarf is only $225.... Still thinking though...

Betsy said...

You've got quite a collection of leggings there! It gives such a different feel to the outfit. What's your suggestion of wearing a pleated skirt for someone like me who doesn't have much of a waist? Should I avoid it completely? Or just use a wide belt to help create an illusion that there is a waist. Love all these ideas that you inspire for us.

Izy -- If you have the GC for LV scarf, you should totally do it!!! It's a beautiful scarf and it's going to last a long time. I have heard it gets snag a bit easily, but I'm sure you will have no problems taking care of it well like you do with your other pretty pieces. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, La: yes, I love pleated skirt...but I noticed that yours is more like a chiffon skirt???

I absolute love white..ivory or cream. I had my Ted Baker Audrey Hepburn style coat and absolutely love the clean/feminine/soft look!! YOur cream coat is lovely too!!
AND...oh, I must get a Birkin too!!!

litlstrawberry said...

hehe...Isabel: that is not a scarf...I think it is the signature design of D&G sheer extra tie/strings around the neck so you can make a bow out of it.

yes, I think w/ GC, you should totally make great use of it especially that's what you really want at this moment...(I know there are bags you want.),but there is always do't get to see the great pattern of leopard shawl very often.

litlstrawberry said...

Betsy, everyone has a waist of course, the different is short waist or long waist....which makes the waist obvious or not that obvious!!!

I just read from People??? or some mag. talking about how to choose a belt!!! It goes: short waist (I assume your upper body is short too) can have thin belt while long waist is great w/ wide belt.So, you are right, maybe a wide belt will go w/ the pleat skirt on you to create a more feminine look of you =)However I am pretty sure the width and length of the skirt will make huge differences. You just have to try it out!! (don't cost a dime!!)


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