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14 February, 2009


Yesterday, I met a new girl friend, a loving wife and a mom of two sons. We have the same passion about fashion, mainly is toward a high brand, Chanel. Yes, what's not to love talking about Chanel, right?!! But because we both have family, kids and being a stay-home mom period, we value things differently from we used to be when we are only ourselves. We spend wisely I guess!!

We spent whole afternoon together doing window shopping and we went down to the city of Saratoga. It is a very nice town, quiet but sometimes might be too conservative for we girls. However, if you do stop by each stores there, you will find little "treasures" hidden.

This store we stopped by is called "Vanity by MK" which is only opened couple weeks ago.
They sell a lot of costume jewelry. Some of them are uniquely handmade w/ imported materials or even Vintage jewelry w/ modern touch to update its look. They had a little Valentine's party. My friend and I didn't notice the two models standing/modeling clothes of their store until we ask for taking pic. for ourselves. The manager is actually very glad that she suggested we can even take pic. inside the window display w/ two other girls. There I realized how fun and smart idea of advertising their newly opened store w/ their SAs. Those two models seem very professional and they might have done this before. The pose, the make-up and the moderate smile is just so comfortable to look at.

I walked in the window display and did couple poses. I would say that is a wonderful experience I ever had to be a window display model. I like the girls/SAs in that store and they all have a down to earth personality.

My Valentine's Day outfit.

1. Celine red sheath dress
2. Jamie Chen(Taiwan designer) black cropped cardigan w/ satin bow tie
3. black leggings
4. Jean-Mitchel Cazabat buckle heels
5. Chanel Dark silver timeless Hawaii exclusive clutch

I should do a dramatic make-up to look more like a Mannequin. hha...


Betsy said...

What a great shot, Rachel!! You and Izabel looked like you had such a blast. Too bad I wasn't in town or I would've loved to join you guys at NM and Stanford. Maybe next time around.

Can't wait to see more of today's post...

Isabel said...

Rachel - I am assuming you are talking about me in your first paragraph! Thank you for your sweet words! I had lots of fun yesterday, and I am glad it didn't rain... Please call me when you are visiting southern cal, then I can show you around SCP ....


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