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18 February, 2009

Feeling drained!!

Tomorrow I will have a surgery for my bulging spider vein on my left feet. I think one of the pic. might show the "crawling tiny veins" around my left ankle as well.

I had those veins due to 3 close pregnancies and I am glad the insurance will cover the operation fee so it is not considered as cosmetic/plastic surgery.

Spider vein is not just not looking very glamorous on woman's legs but also it might endanger someone's life if left untreated. Here is an article about Varicose Veins:

Since I am not feeling inspired to dress up and I sprained the very same ankle of left leg two days ago I only had the simplest outfit when going out this morning.

Today is girls day 2 little daughters.

Aren't we just happy when playing w/ doll house and carry a cute paper bag when we are little!!!!!

1. TOP:
  • James Perse white v-neck top
  • gray cashmere top
  • Zara striped blazer/jacket
2. Bottom: 3.1 Phillip lim riding pants
3. Chanel distressed white reissue 227
4. Chanel gray w/ metal mini charms mary jane flat
5. Accessory:
  • Movado necklace
  • Vintage rose necklace
I looked DH and older daughter are having fever..........

I am still feeling the busy top inside my blazer......give me some time. I will do better modeling post for that busy top!!!!


isabel said...

Rachel - I hope you feel better and good luck on your surgery! I love your Chanel flats!! I saw them last May when they were on sale at Bloomies, but I regret not getting them, they look so cute on you...

Michelle said...

Hi R!! I'm sorry to hear about your ankle, your operation, and your family's fever. Hope all of you get better and recover soon!

BTW, do you know I have your flats too!! LOL!! But they are in the dark fuchsia color. They are really pretty on you.

And because of your modeling, I just bought your striped zara jacket!! LOL!! It's a nice fit!! May I ask what size did you buy? Coz I bought M size, but I can also wear L size. L size is more comfortable but M size is more fitted. What do you think?

litlstrawberry said...

You know, when I bought that jacket, they only have M and L on the floor...and since I know they pretty much have all the sizes on the floor....I didn't even bother to ask S size since M fits me well.

I would think you are right, if I tried S might be a "tight" fit but M is more comfy on my. You might want to try both as I don't think it "looks" different if you wear looser but you def. move freely w/ larger size. Am I confused you? haha...yes, mine is Medium!!

That blazer is funky style and these days I am so up to vintage retro style. I guess it is also a trend???!!!! I was studying those history online yesterday and feel fashion is amazingly to be a serious business for some brands at the end. haha......Of course, they made huge money in this fashion business too.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Isabel:
yes, I think like you said, you like gray and gray is very very versatile just like black clothes, flats/shoes, bags........etc.

Do you have any Chanel flat?? That pair is my only Chanel flat and I am glad I get a lot of wearing them. hah... oh, yes, they are on sale when I bought them but I think they still around $400??? Can't remember.

litlstrawberry said...

BTW,Michelle: how come I never saw you modeling it w/ ??? AM I missing or just forgot you did. ...anyway, fuchsia is great color and if they had that this year, I probably will choose fuchsia instead of Gray. Since I am also into fuchsia color these days.

Isabel said...

Yes, they were still around $400, which was why I didn't get them. I don't have any Chanel flats because I haven't found one with the right color combo.... I will keep on looking...

Michelle said...

Hi R!! Hope your operation went smoothly! How are you doing?

Hey thanks for answering my questions about the Zara striped jacket. I think I'll go to Zara today and try the L size too. You know it isn't right for me to get M size if you are wearing M size coz you're a lot slimmer than I am! I think I'll change to the L size. LOL!

As for the fuchsia Chanel flats with charms, I bought it last year on sale at only US$200+!! I got it transferred to Hawaii and it was shipped to me together with my DS clutch. So, it's really a good bargain! How come it's still US$400 now? I haven't modeled this pair of shoes yet coz it's winter here and I like to wear my flats without socks. So, it's too cold for me to wear flats now. Maybe next time I can model it...hehehehe.

You look great in vintage retro style! Looking forward to more of your modeling pics after you recover from your surgery. Take care!


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