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17 February, 2009

Same vest, different colors and distinctive styles!

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't buy same style nor same color of shoes or clothes. W/ bags, I think it is different story. We girls love colors!! So in our eyes, different shades of bags suit different style of outfits. We would buy one particular style of bags in different shades to match our outfits. Well, at least that's what I do.

Then how come I have two of this particular DVF runway vest in both beige and gray colors? Is it because I like its style or its quality? I would say half of both reasons. I got the "Gray" one in Paris last Nov. and since it is USA brand, I guess it must be cheaper here. I wouldn't know if it is true as I never bother to find out!! Of course I like its style, quality and cannot complain about how versatile this vest can be.

Work as a separated layer and dimension in between !!

Jazz up a understated black dress!

Lighten up dark ensemble while keep me warm!

I almost forgot this ensemble. The vest works as a waist warmer...haha...

After couple months, one of my friend told me that this vest in Beige is on sale for only 1/3 of the price I paid for the Gray one in Paris. Then, a voice of evil told me that I should get another one to justify/balance the price I paid for the other one. I don't know if here in USA only carries Beige color as seen on the runway show while Paris only has the gray one. Either way I am very happy keeping both!!

I sprained my left ankle so I take it easy wearing flat instead of heels for rest of the week.


1. TOP:
  • Hugo Boss (Boss Orange) plum turtle neck w/ tulip style shoulder detail
  • Max & Co. floral spaghetti strap cami.
  • D* Von F* (DVF) runway vest in Beige
2. Bottom: Max Mara Weekend line bootcut pants
3. Belt: Hermes ostrich belt w/ GOLD buckle
4. Shoes: Tod's suede w/ orange/turquoise decor. flat
5. Chanel classic jumbo in Gray 08 f/w collection

There are two buttons on the vest and you can button them any way you like.


So, just be creative, you won't get bored w/ yourself!!


Michelle said...

Hi R!! Wow....I'm glad to see you received your 2nd DVF camel vest!! Don't you just love the color? It's very different from your gray, right? You really made the right decision getting both colors!! Love your ensemble very much....esp. the earthy color tones. I so envy you coz you can wear any colored pants you like as you're so slim. I can only do dark colors. :( Anyway, I just bought 3 very big square scarves with very bold patterns (one in fucshia tone, one in orange tone and one is teal/turquoise tone). Same style in 3 colors!! the "inspiration" from Schol's LV scarves. I hope to model it next time. Take good care of your ankle. No high heels for you for the time being.....but you look great in flats too!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle:
I think you figured that GIRL is YOU. say thank-you again. I think I am still feeling the beige vest too. Now I have lots of style created w/ that Gray vest. It is time to play w/ the beige one.

Wow..3 bright colors of scarf...ok, I think tpf is bad....we are going to so broke buying accessories. I also think I should shop at Vintage shop from now on. haha....


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