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05 February, 2009

New Necklace for me!!

This is a handmade necklace which I found in Anthropologies. It is made in Italy w/ neat handcraft. I love all the different colors of ribbons and different texture of ribbons. I can feel how patiently when the designer made it.

I dug out my ancient Louis Vuitton Black mini monogram clutch/wallet!!

This Louis Vuitton Clutch is runway item w/ tri-hold pockets.

List of ODJ:

1. TOP:
  • Max&Co. dusty rose pink ruffle short sleeves blouse
  • JCrew hot pink w/ 2 front pockets cardigan
2. Bottom: Max&Co. full skirt w/ vertical decorative ribbons
3. Louis Vuitton Black mini monogram runway clutch 2006
4. Purple socks w/ textures (cannot tell from pic. though)
5. Shoes: Jeal-Mitchel Cazabat buckle sandal
6. Accessory: Toto Multicolored ribbon w/ double string beaded necklace, handmade in Italy. (bought $79)

I cannot think of girls who would not like ruffles or ribbons. It is like a symbol of being feminine!!

How about Hot Pink?? Wouldn't you just love it when you are a little girl??

Today is cold even in Nor. Cal. I think this long cardigan will add style on me.


isabel said...

Hi Rachel,
Thank you for the links. I think with the fringe on the scarf, the cheetah prints look better because it's less busy. If I were to buy the leopard one, I think I will buy the one Betsy has, here is the link
One more plus for the bluefly one is that is 100% cashmere.

I absolutely love the outfit you have on today!! The necklace so Marni and love the hot pink cardigan! I also love how your wear your socks, I recall seeing models wearing them like this on the Burberry ads. Good job!

isabel said...

Oh, Rachel,

You forgot to list the brands of your clothing for this ensemble...

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Isabel: yes I will check out the link on bluefly. Hum...the fringe....I thought fringe is on decorative pillows....only!! haha...well, maybe some adventurous act is worth to try when we are young...hah....

Yes, I am going to list them as my little one are on my lap this morning when I upload those pic.

litlstrawberry said...

Isabel: yes, ....that's how I like to wear my heels, or sandals...just like Burberry does this s/s. THey have all the rusty pink/rose color runway items and absolutely beautiful. I went to their boutique just to check out their runway items as they are more fun and limited quantity!!!

La Vanguardia said...

That necklace is very unique! I love handmade stuff!

Betsy said...

Rachel - very cute necklace indeed. For some reason, I don't see you in hot pink very often. You should wear it more, b/c it's a great color for you... playful, yet sexy!


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