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04 February, 2009

No accessory??? You don't know how to dress well then!!!!

I think you will see all sorts of accessories, intricate details of gorgeous outfits everywhere this spring and summer. If you don't know how to jazz up an outfit w/ your accessories such as hat, necklaces, brooches, earrings, scarf, bangles, bracelets...... you better rush to news stand for a fashion magazine to update your skills!!!

Here is what I had on my today........starting w/ my wildest hosiery, Cheetah pattern. Since the leopard pattern is so in this s/s, I thought I might dig out my cheetah tights for a kick too. After taking couple pic. I start trying to add some black beaded necklace and then my beret!!! So I had the whole look different while going out in the morning then in the afternoon when picking up my kids from school.

1. TOP:
  • MaxMara babyblue asymmetrical sleeveless top
  • Hugo Boss while fitted cropped jacket w/ braided belt
2. Bottom: H&M black pleated/high waist skirt
3. Cheetah pattern hosiery
4. Shoes:
  • Luis Vuitton Suhari off-white sling back heels
  • Fornarina black heels w/ black bow at rear
5. Chanel 07 resin pea earrings
6. Chanel 08/09 Cruise collection distressed white reissue 227
7. 2 Black beads necklace
8. White beret

SO this is my morning look which I wore out running errands.

This is the kind of earrings that will make the whole look complete but not distract it.

Then in the afternoon, I grab those two black beads necklaces to kick up a notch of my plain top.

And I even tried this black heels instead of Louis Vuitton's white sling-back.

Last, this is the look I am pretty happy about it!!


Betsy said...

MEOW!!! Love the leopard print leggings inspiring the entire outfit of the day. It's getting cold tomorrow so I'm sure you'll have some very interesting layering ensembles too... though I did hear that it'll rain.

I love seeing your navy reissue and timeless clutch too so can't wait to see more modeling with that one.

isabel said...

Hi Rachel,

Where did you find the leopard print scarf you mentioned in TPF? As I was mentioning to Betsy, I was holding back on the scarf because it's getting so hot here in OC, but apparently it will be cold starting tomorrow... You look very sexy in this ensemble, I particularly like the black beaded necklace. I like how you use baby blue top to accentuate your reissue, which I believe has some blue/lavender undertone. I am glad you have a blog now, it's definitely something worth looking forward everyday...

litlstrawberry said...

oh..Isabel: I totally forgot to attach the link here after I was so excited about the is a brand which lots of celebrity tends to love or to buy.....(maybe). Here is the link:

Let me know what do you think about Cheetah pattern too. I am thinking of that pattern or leopard. However, I have a second thought about the fringes on the scarf.....I don't know will it look "too much"...hehe..of course they look so fab fab fab on celebrities!!!!!!!!!!!


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