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Exuberant Mood!!

Cafe Jacqueline

Can you imagine how many eggs they have to use to make soufflé everyday?
Strawberry soufflé

My two beautiful girl friends~~

Wear floral prints your way.
xoxo Rachel 

A World of Clutches!!

Women carries clutches with style is omnipresent since last year 2011. 

1,2 MOE Clutchphoto credited to Christina's blog

One clutch isn't making enough statement, how about two???? 

Two clutches or two pouches, whatever you do, the rule of thumb is to make sure they go with each other.  How fun and how cute they are next to each other, right?!!!!  Now you can make sure you have enough pockets for iPhone, iPad, lipsticks, coins... and ID... oh, Yeah, I almost always forget to bring ID when switching bags. lol.... {Thank God that w/o ID, the Police can still find me in their database and cut me some slack of letting me go.} 

photo credited to Fashion Tricks

Those are men's look with clutch... aren't they looking handsome.... hee.... I mean the arms!! ^O^

Photo credited to
Prada 2012 
photo credited to Fashion tricks

Proenza Schouler PS1 Clutch 2012 

My clutches. They are meant for every different o…

Paisley prints + Bold color = Statement Look!

I am not so fond of Paisley prints before but I guess people do change for the time being. {You now, there is always another patterns in next}I didn't know it was meant to be a menswear prints so maybe that's why it didn't catch my eyes at the first place. 

Now looking at Paisley prints, it reminds me those single life cell formed creatures. Don't get me wrong, they are cute, and I like the way they add extra fun and details to any outfit.

Pic. resource:


Etro paisley printed top, Moncler down jacket with draw string back 
Madewell Blank NYC rust red skinny jeans
Iosselliani earrings
Hermes leather stripy platform 2012
Hermes Vert de Gris Birkin 35cm 2012
Hermes Mykono Croc. Collier de Chien 2011
Hermes twilly 2011 

The back of this Moncler jacket is so airy that you don't feel overheated when wearing them in the spring here. 

Yes, sometimes I do feel "High fashion = Expensive fashion".  lol...

Have fun with your favorite summer prin…

Printed Shorts!!

Shorts are fun and sexy. Especially love this new trend of printed flowers on them.
Madewell green tank, Aryn K tartan cape, Ted Baker floral printed shorts, Chole taupe boots, Proenza Schouler PS1 large satchel
Simple pieces make big statement look. 

Have your shorts your way of prints. 
xoxo Rachel 

What a Tank!!

Somehow I had my eyes laid on cool t-shirts and tanks these days. They are simply big statement pieces in so little money. Of course, the prints has to be bold and right on its topic... love my Jil Sander Hummingbird tee and this Zara one. 


Zara tank
Mcginn cropped tuxedo blazer 
Etro cropped pants in neon green/yellow
Vintage silver chain necklace
Hermes Collier De Chien
Club Monaco wrapping bracelet
Rachel Leigh python embossed pink bracelet with bow (Here is something similar)
Hermes heels 

Hermes 2012 heels 
On Yu, Moncler down jacket 2012. 

Dress yourself with lots of energy!! ^O^
xoxo Rachel

I am a FLOWER!

I didn't update my blog as much as I used to be these days. But I assure you, I am here, in the blogsphpere as long as I am alive. lol...

Ok, here is the truth. I have my acting class as usual tonight. However, tonight is a bit special. The agent of my acting teacher is coming to watch our acting/scene. As you could imagine, how nervous I am since last week.  I need to make sure I have a decent print-out headshot, get down to my lines, and scene costume preparation.... etc. all sorts of little things. Even though I know it is not a big deal, preparation is never enough, agree???!

I even drag my hubby to go through the lines with me... however, you know, he is not helping much when he does all weird tones, faces { I can't stay in the role while trying not to laugh.}..... oh, boy, ... anyway!! Life is short, I am just enjoying it as big as I can. :) 

My lovely acting teacher, Celia Shuman, and moi. ^O^ {You outta love the way she dresses, "La Garçon look with her father's…

Colors and Prints: Pull it off with confidence!!

Clashing colors with prints can actually make your whole look even more darling?
I don't know about that but I am sure if you are confident, you can pull off anything! 
"Be confident and never doubt yourself.!!".... to myself and to you!


Jil Sander humming bird tee 2012, 
Zara mix prints shirt blazer 2012, 
Moncler 2011/12 down jacket with contrast ribbon trim, 
Topshop beaded embroidery shorts (bought in London 2009), metallic gold tights (bought in Paris 2008), 
Joie over-the-knee boots, 
Hermes Rubis Lindy 30CM

Pic. from Miu Miu, Tory Burch, Etro man and women collection, Takoon runway looks. ( 

Bring out your wild or childish side with prints and colors! ^O^
xoxo Rachel 

Random Diary- Pencil skirt.

Have you noticed that I am really into Burberry Prorsum runway fall 2012 look? Luckily, Yu and I found this Moncler down jacket in a light weight version so we won't look like an idiot wearing it here in California. 

Quilted Jacket with pencil skirt. How sexy and fierce at the same time!! ^O^

Or maybe I just need to create a little volume and texture on my upper body? Does it work? ^O^

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
xoxo Rachel 

Color us!!

Me: Jil Sander humming bird tee, Max Co. leather jacket, Levi's neon pink skinny jeans, torquoise belt,  Tabitha Simmons shoes, Hermes Picotin 

Irene: Free people faux leather shirt, current and elliot blue jeans, Alexander Wang, Marni necklace (can't see in the photo), Loewe bag. 

Try color yourself, would you?
xoxo Rachel 

Polka dots Ladies!!!

We girls had a great gathering at Plumed Horse (link here) restaurant at Saratoga yesterday.

Pressed Petaluma Chicken; South Texas Antelope; Prime "Dry Aged" Bone-In Rib Eye 

I can't believe yu and I both bought this Moncler down jackets in different colors.  

{ I tie my scarf into haltered top... ^O^) 

Have fun in Polka dots. 
xoxo Rachel 

Good Separates... Such as Marni for HM!

A: Are you going?

B: Where?

A: Marni for HM collaboration March 8th, which is tomorrow. 

B: hum... 

A: If you are going, grab something for me... 

B: hum...



B: Ok, ok. Maybe! Can't promise though. ^O^ {What are friends for, right? But who's going anyway?... we bunch of moms.. :P }

Marni for HM 
Marni For HM Pic. sourse: 

No, I did not have any Marni pieces on me today, although I though of wearing a Marni top. Somehow it just doesn't seem to go with my Etro pants. .. Oh, well.... 


1. Top:
Max Mara knotted racer back tank 

2. Bottom:
Etro neon green cropped pants (same but different shades here

3. Accessory:
Rachel Leigh snakeskin embossed bracelet with gold bow (similar here and they are popular)
Chanel two-tone tote 10' (this is bought at Rome)
Iosselliani earrings and necklace  Topshop wide geo suedette belt(here) 

4. Shoes:
Chanel 08' gray mary-jane flat with charms 

Iosselliani earrings and necklace 

Vanessa bruno fucsia tee, DVF wool vest (This i…

Review from the past look~~ My Style!

How I love the look of Bouchra Jarrar 2012 spring look. Here in Nor. California,  fur coats is not that much of a necessity but a fur collar, definitely is a practical add-on.  I always love a little detail of something which makes the whole look interesting. 

Peterm Som Mongolia fur collar
Bouchra Jarrar spring 2012

Michael Angel printed tank and Tory Burch white tux. pants 

Stella McCartney fall 2012 
What a clean line with some fun of navy peek-a-boo on that asymmetrical gray coat.

sheer blouse and cropped silk pants.... (Dries Van Noten 2009)

Dries Van Noten fall 2012 

Now I have a little history of my evolving styles. What about yours?
xoxo Rachel