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20 March, 2012

I am a FLOWER!

I didn't update my blog as much as I used to be these days. But I assure you, I am here, in the blogsphpere as long as I am alive. lol...

Ok, here is the truth. I have my acting class as usual tonight. However, tonight is a bit special. The agent of my acting teacher is coming to watch our acting/scene. As you could imagine, how nervous I am since last week.  I need to make sure I have a decent print-out headshot, get down to my lines, and scene costume preparation.... etc. all sorts of little things. Even though I know it is not a big deal, preparation is never enough, agree???!

I even drag my hubby to go through the lines with me... however, you know, he is not helping much when he does all weird tones, faces { I can't stay in the role while trying not to laugh.}..... oh, boy, ... anyway!! Life is short, I am just enjoying it as big as I can. :) 

My lovely acting teacher, Celia Shuman, and moi. ^O^
{You outta love the way she dresses, "La Garçon look with her father's tie" in lovely color palette.} 


I know, I look like a busy flowers with all the motifs and ruffles..... and wish I could attract some bees and butterflies. ^O^


Topshop floral print top, Chanel 2012 camellia motif cardigan, Valentino for Gap military green pants (2009), Charlotte Olympia cat face wedge platform, J crew necklaces, and earrings. 

Wish me luck!!
xoxo Rachel 

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