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27 March, 2012

Paisley prints + Bold color = Statement Look!

I am not so fond of Paisley prints before but I guess people do change for the time being. {You now, there is always another patterns in next}  I didn't know it was meant to be a menswear prints so maybe that's why it didn't catch my eyes at the first place. 

Now looking at Paisley prints, it reminds me those single life cell formed creatures. Don't get me wrong, they are cute, and I like the way they add extra fun and details to any outfit.

Pic. resource:



Etro paisley printed top, Moncler down jacket with draw string back 
Madewell Blank NYC rust red skinny jeans
Iosselliani earrings
Hermes leather stripy platform 2012
Hermes Vert de Gris Birkin 35cm 2012
Hermes Mykono Croc. Collier de Chien 2011
Hermes twilly 2011 


The back of this Moncler jacket is so airy that you don't feel overheated when wearing them in the spring here. 

Yes, sometimes I do feel "High fashion = Expensive fashion".  lol...

Have fun with your favorite summer prints. 
xoxo Rachel 


L.T. said...

Lookin lovely, I love the colored pants,

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi L.T. : yes, I bet you must collection a lot of colored jeans already. ^O^

xo Rachel


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