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10 March, 2012

Color us!!


Me: Jil Sander humming bird tee, Max Co. leather jacket, Levi's neon pink skinny jeans, torquoise belt,  Tabitha Simmons shoes, Hermes Picotin 

Irene: Free people faux leather shirt, current and elliot blue jeans, Alexander Wang, Marni necklace (can't see in the photo), Loewe bag. 

Try color yourself, would you?
xoxo Rachel 


Michael St. James said...

Fab casual look Rachel! Love the turquoise belt paired with pink jeans.

Sooae said...

love love love. the bright denim skinnies, just in time for spring!

Rachel Cheng said...

Thanks, Mike. :) I guess a tee and a pair of skinny is what I am going for this summer then. :)

Have a good day.

xo Rachel

BELLEISM said...

Hi Rachel, I came across your site when I was searching alexander wang addison leather boots. You stated in your previous entry in 2011 that the boots can go a size up?

I actually bought size 37 on clearance. I wear a size 36 or 36.5, but I wear size 36 in louboutins so I thought getting a 36 would be safe since the boots were described "runs true to size." But when the site notified me of their site's glitch and there was no more of 36 when I ticketed for purchase I just got a size up since there was 1 pair remaining.

What made you say the boots can be purchased a size up? Was it a bit narrow than expected or was it quite small in general?

Rachel Cheng said...

Hi Belleism:
The time I tried those boots they don't have my size 38.5 nor 39... so I simply size up to 39.5. Surprisingly, they are not huge as I imagined that's why I said you probably can go up to a full size and get away (if you really can't find your size. ) However, I would not count on what I said as everyone's feet is different in terms of narrow/wide, thin/chubby, arch/ no arch.. haha..

Good luck anyway.

xo Rachel

BELLEISM said...

Thank you Rachel!!! Hopefully when it arrives next week, it'll be a perfect fit! ahahaha

Candy said...

Fun! I recently bought some green skinny jeans, and they are not as hard to wear as I was worrying that they might be. Love your pink ones!!


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