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Birthday Gift from My Dearest Darling!! Oh, Hermes!!

Oh, Hermes!! Oh, my love!!

I mean both my DH and Hermes!! :P

My SA insists me saying nothing about this beauty on the website. And I promised her!!

The truth is the picture is worth more than a thousand words, let me share my ultimate excitement silently!!

A little extra business for my SA goes a long way for our relationship!!

Hermes white leather on golden studded cuff can go w/ my Chanel matte white reissue 227

That's my 09 multicolored hot air balloon print Hermes scarf

The cuff can also go w/ my 35cm Gris Tourterelle Hermes Togo Birkin!!!

I almost faint when I received it!! I believe every rookie of Hermes feels the same as I do!! hahah....

I think I catch the color very true! (even it is indoor at my house at night as you can tell)

Ta da~! My newest addition to my little luxury collection!!
Again, 35cm Gris Tourterelle Hermes Togo Birkin!

Birthday gifts!! For Me and For My Girl Friend!!

It is hard!

It is sometimes became a headache to pick up a perfect gift for friends.

First thing is "what does s/he want?" Then, the budget, the style, the color,..... or maybe the budget goes first it will be much easier?!! I don't know. We are all moms, we constantly struggle between buying things for "practical" or for "looks". lol

I own my friend, Yu, a birthday gift. So today is the day that I thought I had to give Yu her B-day gift. As for the hand-made birthday card, I asked her for a rain check till this Christmas!! haha...... Birthday card + Christmas card!!!! My, did I say Christmas already!!!?

The gift I prepared turns out not that perfect after receiving it so I returned it. And that just throws me back to the same dilemma "what else she likes"???!! I walked in a store which we all shopped there before this morning, and just when I was stuck at whether a boyfriend cardigan or a pair of leggings meet Yu's taste/likes the best, …

Giorgio Armani Foundation.

My girl friends throw me a birthday party at xanh restaurant in Mt. View last Friday night. It was a last min. change of plan from going to SF city to celebrate on Sat. night originally. I guess I was aware of my acting class at SF city at 11 Am so I suddenly lost the interest of finding an outfit on Friday night. I don't quite satisfied what I had wore on Friday night but just think I can do better. :P

I am not sure if Yu feels the same thing since she didn't even have much make-ups on at that night. lol While Pei is looking pretty in her little dress I realized the pic. all came out funny since 3 of us had tremendous different looks w/ our make-ups. It is not that we don't look good, it is just seeing me did a perfect make-ups, Yu had her make-ups since that morning, and Pei's face is all red because of the cocktail she consumed when Yu and I arrived at the restaurant. hahahaha.....

So skip our pretty funny pic. here I'd love to share Giorgio Armani Foundation an…

Step Into Fall on Chloe Short Boots.

We visited Renee at SF city on Saturday. We had such a great time eating oyster raw and grilled right from the sea!! :)

We drove to SF city at 10 AM and had brunch at NM's cafe. When finally we get in touch w/ Renee it is almost 2 PM. Renee suggested us visitingStinson beach where we can eat the freshest oysters. It is about 1 hr. and half north Sausalito city where has the most incredible Pacific ocean view.

We have to drive zigzag along the mountain and by the ocean. I almost felt the nausea if I didn't look ahead. *<*

Yah!!!! Here we are!! Kids all love beach!

First, we sample some raw, they are so fishy!!!!

We sort of went there impromptu so we didn't bring any snack, drinks, or even tools when we really need some lime, hot sauce, oyster knife, garlic, soda.......etc. to enjoy the oysters "gracefully" and to ease the aversion to fishy smell. :P Fortunately, the owner loaned us the oyster knife which he sells for $15 to the customers *ouch*, ho…

Mommies fun time w/o Going To New York's Fashion Week!!

My mommy friend, Sally and I took kids to Academy of Science Museum in SF today. She planned a vacation w/ family in Tahoe this whole week but the trip is canceled at the last min. :( A real bummer!!

Sally is a working mom. And you know, when you are in a "vacation mode", you never wanted to go back to work even you end of going nowhere!!! haha....

Sally and her pretty daughter.

So, as a stay-home mom, me, I always know where to enjoy a day out w/ kids when my working mommy friends are calling me!!! :)

Renee, just another fabulous mommy friend, who lives in the SF city. She just moved back here from New York and already eagerly going back to work again!! lol We met her at the dim sum restaurant this noon and talked about yet another bummer of knowing that we can't make it to this year's New York's fashion party on Sept. 10th , shopping till 11 PM, having block party on the street............ all sort of things..... *&%$#%^&%$#

Renee is a total New Yorker look …