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Sexy, Me!!

Suddenly I want to dress sexy this morning.

I had tried bra top w/ this Stella McCartney sequins tank but somehow I think when the skin exposes too much, it doesn't send out the right signal........for this particular tank top!!

Then I decided to wear something underneath to make myself and my DH comfortable!! ha~~

1. TOP:
  • Stella McCartney sequins tank
  • J Crew distressed gold tank underneath
  • Jill Stuart green peplum jacket
Black glitter hosiery bought in Paris
Jimmy Choo water snake skin boots
Oscar De La Renta vintage scarf
lavender cotton scarf made in India
Chanel 08 s/s large black rodeo drive

A close up on my twisted scarf!!

We went back to Haynes st. to eat at Frjtz again and do some window shopping there. The stores in Haynes st. are just too cute and I spent at least half hr. in each of them. However, I only walk in 3 of them when my DH reaches his patience quota!! :(( Well, but not too bad, I costumed made a semi-precious stone as a ring for myself and should receive it next week or so.

This time we had Chipotle artichoke ketchup n' strawberry mustard sauces.

I ordered strawberry/sour cream sweet crepe. However, the taste is too sour for me so I ask for Nutella. Ilona is happy as she loves sweet!!!

There is a pretty chandelier inside the plastic cylinder and it will looks great in the entry of our house., something in my wish list!!!
Too bad I forgot to take pic. of inside the Cylinder.....grrr...

A very cool and unique furniture store...Propeller!!!

I also found this cool eco plastic bracelet made from Paris!
NEW clothes: Venassa Bruno fuchsia shirt
Pau n' Joe sister Khaki shorts

Another white might be a gift!!!! lol

You like it???!! Email me, "follow me", it could be a gift to you!!!
I do randomly pick!! lol


Julia said…
you r head of the game, girl. boots in summer? i like the color of scarf and jacket together. very chic.

great choice of shorts and top. you sure will get to wear them a lot.
designer forum said…
i love your website and your taste in clothing. i first discovered you on the purse forum. i used to live in sf but moved to los angeles. where did you get the braclet because i will be visiting my parents in sf this month. i really like the black one on you it's unique.
thanks sophia.
litlstrawberry said…
hi, Julia: you must not forget ... we were in SF city yesterday and people there wear mostly BOOTS.... Everyone is chic, edgy, cool...intriguing style. hed..I got compliments from both guys and gals yesterday. :) Must be the snake skin boots....we have a wired affection on"skin" hahahaha..jk!!

Oh, yup, a store had 50% off everything so I am lucky that those two items I picked costs my about $160. Not bad at all for such great brand name!!!! oh, finally I had a pair of great shorts. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Sophie: Thanks for stopping by. I got that bracelet in Haynes st. 542 Haynes st. called Lava 9!! It is a great jewelry, they handmade leather bag/wallet and most jewelry in site. The lady showed me her studio in the back where I discovered a pretty blue stone and ask her to make a ring for me. You should def. check it out. :)
Betsy said…
Yay on the picture of the sauces! Now my mouth is definitely watering... I'm with Julia, what a daring and sexy way to wear your boots and leggings. I didn't realize you bought more than one pair. I had to do a double take on the pic b/c I thought you cut them up. I guess it's the silver pair. :)

No worries about the party favor, btw. I felt bad we didn't show up though.
litlstrawberry said…
hey, Betsy: don't worry. As I already planned w/ your family coming and I felt bad too as your son hurt his leg...hope he is up alright and as active as a rabbit. hahahaha....

Oh, yup, I bought two glitter leggings in purple, one black. I can't make my I can't justify which one looks better for those black and white eco bracelets. hehe.........

So, anything in your wish list for fall??!!!! I really enjoy myself now as I always thinking about buying/wanting something but never put it into action!!! Horay!!! well, .... now I am worried...maybe I will go out of control after couple months and do Christmas splurge all at once. hahahahahah.

hey, do you want to go to Shoup park together sometime? It is too bad that the water is all dried up in the summer!! :(
Hi R! Long time no talk! Sorry for not visiting your blog as I've been sick and busy. I'm better now and tomorrow is my big day for my driving exam! So scared! It's typhoon here now so I'm not going to have a good weather for my exam tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Anyway, I love your ODJ and how you've layered your scarf. And the fries are sooooo yummy! Makes me want to franchise it over here! LOL!! Maybe I should pay a visit some time to this restaurant. Is it really very very good? We need some good fries here!

BTW, I can't help but drool over your Stella McCartney runway nude sequin tank top. Do you know where else I can still buy it? I can't find it here at our local Stella McCartney boutique. I want to buy it as I think it's just perfect for doing mix and match. (I actually own a zara sequin tunic/dress but the sequins doesn't change colors....the color is flat not like your Stella McCartney). You know I have a very soft spot for sequins...I already have sequin shoes and jackets/blazers/ I need a tank! LOL!! If you know where I can get them still, please let me know. I think I'll need a size 42 as they are body

And what a great find for the top and shorts! Yay! Finally a pair of new shorts! Oh....those eco-friendly bracelets are very very nice! I actually looked up the brand and I think they are hot! Maybe I should buy a few pieces when I'm in Paris in September. I think both are fabulous! Did you see the matching necklace version too? Love them as they look like body-hugging tatoos! So cool! I read that you're eyeing a Chanel tweed bag? Is it the tweed tote with patent handle on the website? Or a new calfskin tote with tweed lining? I am also loving the tweed bags this fall from Chanel...hehehe! (But I need to stop as I've bought the whole Chanel store back home already...LOL!!) Hope to see your new buy soon!

And can't wait to see your customized ring soon!

litlstrawberry said…
hi, Mia: I hope you are feeling better now. I just wondered that how come you didn't update your blog sooner as I am bored ...hehe...

Oh, I think I like what you said only the trim/metal Chanel tote. I am going to see if NM has it on Thur.

Hum..the McCartney top both NM and Nordi has it. You probably really need to call and ask the sa since it is S/S items and goes on sale for less $500. I don't think it is really a body hugging piece but since it is very THIN, I guess it would be so fitted on the body. Both Isabel and I wear size 38 on this. Good luck then. :)

I saw both Batucada bracelet and necklace but only get bracelet. I think the necklace might be sticky on my skin when the weather is to hot. Well,...nowadays, everything is eco, it sells. haha...(maybe?)

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