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30 August, 2009

Step Into Fall on Chloe Short Boots.

We visited Renee at SF city on Saturday. We had such a great time eating oyster raw and grilled right from the sea!! :)

We drove to SF city at 10 AM and had brunch at NM's cafe. When finally we get in touch w/ Renee it is almost 2 PM. Renee suggested us visiting Stinson beach where we can eat the freshest oysters. It is about 1 hr. and half north Sausalito city where has the most incredible Pacific ocean view.

We have to drive zigzag along the mountain and by the ocean. I almost felt the nausea if I didn't look ahead. *<*

Yah!!!! Here we are!!
Kids all love beach!

First, we sample some raw, they are so fishy!!!!

We sort of went there impromptu so we didn't bring any snack, drinks, or even tools when we really need some lime, hot sauce, oyster knife, garlic, soda.......etc. to enjoy the oysters "gracefully" and to ease the aversion to fishy smell. :P Fortunately, the owner loaned us the oyster knife which he sells for $15 to the customers *ouch*, hot sauce for $1.5, cloth (gloves works better though) and lime which we can't return. I guess we must look rookie to him of eating oysters right out of the shell by ourselves!!! lol haha........

Well, DH is really not so adventurous of eating them raw, so we decided to grill our 2 dozen oysters. :) I bought some charcoal and started this unforgettable experience of grilling oysters by the ocean.

Renee really enjoys the raw oysters though.

Renee's DH works hard for his treats!! haha...

You just need to find a crease of the shell and work your knife into it to open! :)
FYI: I am quite good at cracking the oyster open.

I had to dash lots of hot sauce and lime juice to enjoy it.

Niel enjoys the grilled oyster + lime juice so much and I am surprised that he had almost 3 oysters. :)

1. TOP:
  • Stella McCartney black embroidery dress
  • vest
2. Shoes: Chloe dark brown boots
3. Accessory:
  • Banana Republic "addition" line gold tassels necklace (B-day gift from Pei)
  • Hermes blue/navy hot air balloon scarf
  • Chanel matte white reissue 227

On the way home, we planned to eat at Point Reyes but all the restaurants (only couples there) are booked..... so we have to drive back to China town in SF city to have a real dinner.

Can you tell those are real TIES on the car!!!!!

This is a very nice restaurant but all booked!! :(

Cute sign!

The sunset along the Pacific ocean.

The best Chinese restaurant in China Town.

A teaser!

It was already 11 PM after driving ourselves home!


dos3n said...

cute outfit you had on! were you cold? I love R&G too, but we only go there when we get invited :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Dos: NOP, the weather is so nice .... well, come to think of it, my arms are feeling chill. :)

Oh, yeh, they are not cheap restaurant. We had a half Beking duck since it is quite late when we had our dinner.


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