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Perk Card!! Make a Great Use Out Of It!!

I double-wear my Chanel necklace.

I received couple Perk Cards from NM loaded w/ $50 at least 3 times and never had the chance to spend it!!

Finally, my mommy friend, Irene and I get together today and decide to make a good use of our perk cards, total worth $100!!! In fact, we all had a great lunch/time in Neiman Marcus!!!

My kids are learning the differences of spider and spider net. hahah..
In our house, even Ilona (my 2 years old daughter) snaps the spider. She thinks spiders are bad insects!! lol

Today, I am very proud of all the kids as we have a compliment from two ladies sitting next to our table. She said that all the kids are well-behaved!!

( I still hope people would give moms a break sometimes when kids are acting all fussy in public. They are just kids and we are human. :P)

Maybe NM can have a small designated reading area for kids!!
They want moms enjoy shopping children clothes there after all, right?!!


1. TOP:
Max Mara green apple silk tank w/ knot in the back
Chanel 08 red/grey tweed jacket
2. BOTTOM: washed denim w/ beads (finally I altered it to very fitted on me!)
3. SHOES: Alexander McQueen squared toe satin heels (AND FLIP FLOP to switch. :P)
CHLOE brown w/ gold trim sunglasses
Chanel 08 Navy striped reissue 227
Chanel 09 necklace w/ crystals on multiple-sized pearls

Oh...that's the wind.... makes my belly look BIG!!
No, I am not bloating...I am floating....hahahaha..

Irene carries her 09 fall metallic brown reissue 227, 08 Chanel moon/star earrings, Chanel white stone camellia ring w/ paved diamond (Chanel fine jewelry, didn't show here), o9 Chanel leather mini wedge sandals.

Irene's son is going to have a little brother in 2010!!!! Congrats!!!!

I had to change back to a single layer of Chanel necklace for this look.

We spent the whole afternoon at Stanford shopping center, I shed off my tweed jacket and heels to give my feet a break!!


Hi R! I just left a message at your last post......

Anyway, the alteration of your jeans is perfection! Yup....this fits you way way better than the original fit! Love your Chanel pearl necklace worn double strand. Reminds me that I need to wear mine too! I try not to wear necklace when carrying my son..coz he tends to grab it and pull it! LOL!! Good that you've passed this phase already! Hehe!

Is it cold in your place already? I see that you're wearing jackets and scarves lately...hehe. Here, our weather is still very very humid and hot!! Yikes!

Oh....I think Irene's reissue is the 09A matte bronze reissue in distressed calf, not metallic brown in crackled calf. Metallic brown was available in 08A, not 09A. :P Hehe...I know how it's so confusing with Chanel's seasonal colors... BTW, this 09A bronze is really gorgeous!

So, have you tried the Chanel tweed totes already? I tried a tweed tote with short patent handle + interwoven leather chain in the black/brown color combi with some cute sequins on it.....very pretty!! Too bad I'm not tall enough to carry that tote on my shoulders coz the chains are too long for me (non-adjustable). I think it will look great on you coz you have the height! Here, the price is around US$4,500+. It's the big tweed tote with patent handle on the Chanel website (the website is showing gray/black tweed, but the one I tried on was brown/black tweed with a bit of sequins). Try it try it! (I'm a devil...LOL!!!) The brown/black tweed with sequins is the more expensive version...the website's gray/black version is a bit cheaper. Both are gorgy!

Have a nice weekend!

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle: thanks for clarifying Irene's bag..i know it is matte bronze but somehow I lost the stream of thoughts there and write whatever down. hahahaha...

Yes, I don't know why the weather is chill/cold since it is still summer. SF city is the worst, very chill and def. need a jacket!!

I went to NM and didn't see the tote. It is not arrived yet and they have two version, black w/ green tweed vs. taupe w/ green tweed. So I don't think those are the ones you tried They are $3150. I don't think I will spend more than that for a bag...$4500 NO WAY!! I'd rather to buy Cartier charms since I only have "1" on my Cartier bracelet so far. Anyway....there are already people on the waiting list for taupe i will just see if I have the fate w/ the bag. NO rush, no desire...hehe.... be good!! :)
Betsy said…
Rachel - I got a perk card too and was thinking I'd go next week! LOL. Free lunch, and why not? Your Chanel tweed jacket is lovely though I was wondering if you ever got a price adjustment after it went on sale. What a great investment regardless.

I just returned my YSL Muse 2 to Palo Alto NM today and looked around a little. Nothing is calling my name these days so I'll be good for now.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: Yes, you really should use those perk card toward to FOOD. haha.... Their cafe serves really good tasty meals but the service is so-so. :P

Well, i love my tweed jacket to every single thread of it. hahaha... I should proudly say that I paid FULL price for it and I am glad that i think it worth every penny of it too. I guess I won't need another tweed jacket in 5 years from now. hahahahah....

You be good girl and I think you eventually will find your HG reissue. That fucshia is gorgoy but it really isn't that timeless as reissue to me. :)
Hi R! Oh the taupe tweed? I know which one you're talking about. It's the one with taupe leather outside, and then the inside lining is tweed with "tweed fringes" around the rim of the bag, right? It's a cute bag and I actually have a couple of pictures of that bag from my NM SA. It has a flap version too but I think the tote version looks much much better. I might buy that when I'm in Paris next month. Have to try it on first to see how it looks on me. :P Good luck to us! There might be more tweed totes from Fall Act 2...who knows? And I want to buy a Chloe python Paraty too....LOL!! Always endless wishlist for me....I really admire your self-control! Happy weekend!

Jenny said…
Yes..yes..perk card..same here, Rachel. I used my $50 perk card for lunching at Rotunda with DH & DD last Sat. :-) Though, we have to spend more than that, but it's a nice gesture to mail us that perk card :P

How cute Ilona that she has to smack the DD is doing are behaving same/similar.

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