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07 August, 2009

Last Chance to enter GIVEAWAY!!

If you have not yet "follow me" or commented on my blog, please rush up to do so to enter GIVEAWAY. Make sure you are in my "follow me" list!
I am giving out BATUCADA white flower decor. bracelet!!! It is very gorgeous and chic!!

I'll keep black one for myself and give away the white bracelet!!

Hurry up and Good luck if you already in my giveaway list.

The winner will be announced on Sunday. 8/9


Betsy said...

woohoo! i don't have to "follow you" to get into the contest? so i'll just "commment" away and enter that way. :)

White Lily said...

I'm a fan and a follower, and I adore the white bracelet!!!
I don't think I'm eligible for the give away since I live in Europe (or am I ?), but good luck to everyone who joins!

Claudia said...

Did I hear the word GIVEAWAY? haha R~ here I come. You know I follow your blog but I'm bad never leave any comments for you :( May I enter?

RRE-T*F said...

Nothing beats FREEEEE!
My DD's B-day is coming up (14th); she would heart this so much.

litlstrawberry said...

haha..girls, sure. Either I know you are a follower already or I know you left multiple comments and a keen follower to me, you will all be eligible to enter the giveaway. haah...
Ok, today I have acting class and film-making class in SF city. gotta run!!!!!!!!


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