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05 August, 2009

Summer Shorts!!

Source: secondcitystyle

I bought Paul and Joe Sister ® shorts last week at Haynes st. in SF city.

Before that, I don't have any casual yet chic shorts to dress up w/. I wear whatever works as shorts but mainly is like a "secure" panties underneath my mini skirts. Now I am pretty happy w/ this shorts cause' I can dress it up w/ a blazer or even just dress it down w/ tanks and a pair of flip flops
for a kickback look.

You can't go wrong w/ a pair of right shorts in this summer!! Try any kind of sandals or gladiators, but make sure you got the right proportion of outfit from the top to the bottom!!

Finally I paired my ostrich skin Hermes belt w/ Chloe orange Sally together in my ensemble today. They are perfect w/ each other!! :)


1. TOP:
  • coreylynncalter double layered tank w/ contrast trim
  • Trina Turk halter vest coat
2. BOTTOM: Paul & Joe ® Sister khaki shorts
3. SHOES: Stella Luna black patent gladiator heels
  • Mini brass disc necklace (bought at Anthro.)
  • Fellon crystal/cross/beads/cones brass necklace
  • Batucada eco plastic bracelet
  • Hermes Ostrich skin belt w/ textured logo "H" buckle belt
  • Chloe orange Sally bag

I wore these two necklaces a LOT lately!! They are so chic, fun, and eye catching!! :)

iphoto's picture editing is fun and I love the backdrop of that tree.....almost like a panting!!

Ok, I think I might need to take it easy when doing Power Yoga. My thighs looks very toned but I don't want they to be too muscular!! lol


Betsy said...

Rachel - You've got such killer legs. I hope this doesn't creep you out, but DH is a fan too. hahahhahaha

I really love this outfit b/c it's so casual yet chic. You've gotta put more mileage on those shorts b/c September is just around the corner!

White Lily said...

Killer heels for those killer legs!
You look fabulous!

Purse Addict said...

LOVE the necklace!!

litlstrawberry said...

wa ha ha ...Betsy: Thanks, that's such a compliment for a MOM like me. hahahahaahaha...

well, yup, I didn't intend to shop for shorts but this one really is a great find. Nice tailored, great length and perfect color...oh, well, let me see if I can even wear LONG socks to do the layering. hahaha...

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, lily. Oh...Munish.... my last time there was like 10 years ago....I envy you...envy you. hahaha..

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Purse: I am going to check out some MUSE....if NM has them.

Thanks and I think I got that two necklace money worth it. The fellon is $220 and the disc is $38. yah!!

Quynh said...

rachel, i love your gladiator shoe!! wish they have that brand here :)

Youre looking great!! :)

- kristy

thecreativemixx said...

The neckelaces are fierce!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Kristy: Thanks.
The best part is the heels is really comfortable. They have a great "arch" and if you ever have a chance seeing this brand, try them.

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, creative girl. :) I am surprised that those two necklaces work wonder when wearing together.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow R! Killer legs! Glad you got the shorts! Yay!

You remind me that I haven't worn my Fallon necklace yet...hehe! I've actually bought a necklace from H&M to layer with our Fallon necklace. I love your mini discs necklace + Fallon necklace together. Thanks for inspiring me again to buy this Fallon necklace! It's really cute and worth every penny!

Oh....I just read that you lost your Chloe sunnies?!! I'm really sorry about that. I think Chloe boutiques or even some online stores still have your pair of "Litchi" Chloe sunnies if you want to "re-buy" it. If not, you mentioned you want to try BV / Oliver's People? I've tried some BVs sunnies too! They are very cool! You should consider them. Too bad I already bought 2 pairs of new Chanel sunnies (I haven't modelled the other one yet)...or else, I would have bought a pair of BV sunnies too! Good luck in your search!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle: I hate the idea of re-buy it...cause' that makes me feel bad and seems stupid. ah..... *crying*....

Well, BV might be a better one to get over w/ though. I tried Chanel sunnies w/ 3 strings of pearls at DH doesn't like it (I show him the pic. I took in NM)...I didn't buy it right there so maybe I didn't really love it. :P

Please update your fallon necklace w/ the layering look of H&M. I can't wait to get more inspiration. Oh, let's not forget your other Chanel sunnies!! hehe..


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