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Highlight My Hair w/ The RIght Hair Product!!

I had my hair highlighted last week. It is not noticeable on the pic. so today I took a better shot of those highlights on my hair. I was intended to dye my hair to hide my inside gray/white hair but I guess those blonde highlight blends in w/ those white hair of mine naturally. Well, I think the highlight works for me!! :)

I had been asked couple times by my friends and even make-up artists in Nordi. where did I get my hair permed/curled, is it here in USA or back home in Taipei?!!!

I answered, I had them permed here since I can't tolerant sitting on the chair for 2 or 3 hours let alone wasting my precious vacation time for hair in Taipei. lol I never use hair curler after permed and I don't have time for curling my hair at all since I spend at least 1 hour dress myself up every morning. :P

My friends all like the natural look of my wave and the boucle' of the volume of my hair and I do too. So I'd like to share my shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, spray.....etc. w/ you girls.

Blond and brunette highlights gives my hair a depth and camouflage my white hair.

Left: Works great when putting on wet/dry hair to give the curl a pretty definition.

Middle: (From WholeFoodsMarket, Organic, yah!!!)
Even though it works for both dry/wet hair, I'd say definitely use it when hair is wet.

Otherwise, the gel dried w/ white residue which looks like you got craft's glue on your hair. yuk!! :P

Right: Our hair needs sun protection too.
Just spray all over the hair before going out in the sun. :)

My currently fave: Fekkai.

I believe using shampoo which gives you more volume is actually the key keeping the pretty curl instead of those shampoo which states to maintains the curl.

Oh, I love that PULSE perfection mascara so much and it gives great definition to my lashes.
The brush works great and never smudge!!

I learned one thing about shampoo and conditioner.

If you start noticing that you are dropping more hair w/ one particular hair product, then you'd better switch to other brand. It probably is not you are under stress if you are not even pregnant or undergo post-pregnancy, it simply is that hair product doesn't work for you, your scalp and hair.

To tell you a secret, (probably it is now not a secret anymore. :P hah..) I am using woman Rogaine currently. Yes, I take precaution early.

One time I saw an Asia actress about my age who has a pretty hair style w/ cute bang, side split on TV. Then I notice a tiny "bare spot" in the middle of her head when the camera rolled up on her head, I was, imperfection!!!! Well, maybe I am being too detail or too picky, but certainly it scared the he** out of me. I must say bald man still look quite attractive (like my acting class teacher, Mr. Greg :P) but never a bald woman!!!

I lost some hair during and after having my 3 kids so I am hoping to reverse the grow back more than what I had lost w/ woman Rogaine. :P

Having a pretty and voluminous hair is most girls' proud and even guy's fantasy, make sure you don't forget to pamper that spot on you.

This look is an coincident copy from a magazine.

Finally this Mara Huffman little bow top which I originally bought just to pair it w/ IRO tapered pants.

After a fat nap, we played w/ kids and DH took the pic. of us at the back yard.

W/ ESCADA sandal.

W/ Chanel booties.

  • Mcginn attached halter vest (come w/ its blazer)
  • Mara Huffman bow cami.
  • IRO tapered pants w/ ruched gathering around the waist
  • Chanel 09 booties
  • Chanel 09 mini black caviar flap w/ silver HW.


DesignCatalog said…
Please tell us which salon you visit to get your perm. I love your perm too! :) Is it a digital perm or some other type of perm? Thanks!
Thanks for the great hair advice! You definitely have gorgeous locks and I agree that taking a precaution with Rogane is a smart move. I don't have children yet and haven't noticed any hair loss, but the minute I do, you can bet I'll be buying some as well.

Love all your outfits by the way, and your little one is adorable!
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Catalog:
Thanks. :)
I go to Edge
and ask for Shoji (chief Artist). It is not easy to set a "perm" on my hair and you always have to tell stylist something about your hair before perming. Like hard or soft, strong for color and perm at the same time, easy for setting the curl (then they will decide how much chemical to put on when perm)....etc. The more you mention, the more careful most artists will be when handling your hair. :)

I don't think I did digital perm but one interesting thing is they only put curler on my hair w/ chemicals never a "thing" to accelerate the process. (you know, normally they have those steaming machine over your head) :).

I heard digital perm gives pretty curl but never tried.
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Haute: You are welcome.

One thing to remind you...Rogaine doesn't work for hair loss due to pregnancy....I waited after I am sure my hormone is balanced about 1 year later. Also, you know you shouldn't use it DURING pregnancy, right?!! :) But I think if you do notice hair loss in the future, Rogaine is a great working product.
Hi R!! Thanks for sharing your hair products! Haha..good choice for Frederic Fekkai! I use his products too when I had my permed hair for like 6 years during my work life.

I use his Luscious Curl Cream ( for locks on my perm and it work wonders for me. Not to mention the great smell...hehe. Maybe that's why I have my DH now...LOL!!!

Anyway, you look gorgeous as usual in your outfits! Looks like you're enjoying your Chanel Smoking Tuxedo booties very much. I still haven't worn my sandals version but will debut them soon.

For me, I didn't have too much hair loss during pregnancy or post-pregnancy, but it's good to know that Rogane can really help.

Speaking of perming hair, I think I want to perm my hair too and do some highlights. Maybe this time purple + burgundy. Haha...I can spend like 8 hours in a salon and don't feel bored. They have DVDs in the salon to entertain the clients...LOL!! And I'll have afternoon snack at the salon too....hahaha!

Anyways, your perm is really nice and natural. Great job by your hair stylist!

Betsy said…
Rachel - I had a good chuckle when I was reading about where you do your hair. I've been going to Shoji recently too! Though I don't cut my hair often, but I've been to him a few times. He use to work out of Mission 6 salon on California Street and then I followed him to Edge. What a small world, eh? :)

You do take very good care of your hair and those curls are lovely. Did you just perm them this past few days? Or has it been a week or so already. It does have a more natural look.

It's been on my mind that we should have a play date or something but time has flown by so quickly that school is starting up again soon. I don't think I'm going to be a room parent again this year, b/c it sure is a lot of work. :)

Anyhoo, thanks for the tip about women's rogaine. I never had lots of hair to begin with and so when I lost tons of hair post-pregnancy, I've been wondering what to do. LIke you said, I don't want to be a bald mommy!!!
Julia said…
Hi Rachel,

long time no see. I have been busy handling my mother in law living with us these days.

anyway, i love the highlight work on your hair. great idea. i never thought about it until i saw yours. i am sure one point i will want some high lights too.

i will start to update my blog as often as you do now. things at home starts to settle down...

p.s. Hey to Betsy and Mia!

catch up w/ u later
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michelle:
yep, Fekkai's product does smell wonderfully :). I have been switching around brands, such as Avon, Bumble & Bumble, Metrix, PHYTO, ..... just so some specific product won't leave much of the same "residue" on my scalp.

I don't have much hair loss after 1st pregnancy, but somehow I think the quality of water is somewhat different from Asia... some of my mommy friends grow white hair among my age here in USA but not friends in Taiwan..hum....interesting.
Anyway, if you had 3 pregnancy like I did, you probably would start noticing more sensitively about "changes" on you. hahahaha..I am just kidding!!!

Nop, I never waist time waiting.........even though I know I should slow down myself most of the time, but I just can't. I need a shrink. wa ha ha.........

Oh, I can't wait your debut look of your gorgeous Chanel heels. :)
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Betsy: thanks for correcting the word...BALD..I think i typed BOLD. hahahahaha...

OH, yah...the summer is almost over and we never had the chance to meet up...well, Isabel is coming at the end of August w/ her family and I will see if we have time to meet all together then. :))

pei introduced me Shoji, I used to go to Cupertino village 慕名 to perm my hair. In fact, that's where I had my hair permed but went to Edge to have hair cut. Well, I know ONE place usually good for one thing while the other place is great for another specialty. So I always go back to 慕名 (owner: Sherry who did my perm, btw.) to do my perm. Oh, I had that perm before we went back to Taipei in May. So it has been 3 month already and my hair still have that crisp locks which is great. :)

If you start noticing hair loss in a particular spot, you should try Rogaine. It is clinically proven works. I bought 3 month supply (normally it recommends you to try 3 month.) and I hope I will never see a bare spot on top of my HEAD. hahaha..
litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Julia: No wonder you didn't update your blog. Great to have you back on track. :)

I think highlight is great when one day I decided that I don't want to do least I won't have a pudding head w/ the root is dark and rest is yellowish..haha..(you know)

I will see you around then. :)
babyskyblue said…
Hello Rachel,

I have always been a fan of your style!!! I have followed you from tpf! :)

Anyway, thanks for the great tips about Rogaine. I wasn't familiar with the product. Is it the one that could be found on Do you know whether this is available in Canada? I have had thin hair for all of my life and I notice it gets even thinner now. I better do something.......

litlstrawberry said…
Hi, Michele:
Thanks for stopping by, I think I remember your avatar...the lucky clover or the red birkin at the background. :)

You can buy WOMAN Rogaine on most major drug stores here in USA and YES, I checked the link you gave me, that's IT. OH...WOMAN Rogaine...definitely don't think you can use the same product as your DH/boyfriend to save money. (I am not sure if you are married. :)) haha.... I think it has something to do w/ the hormone.

It is simple method but do test it for a month at a small spot to see if there is growing tiny hair or even if you are allergy to the product before trying out the whole scalp. :)

Good luck to you!!!
babyskyblue said…
Thank you Rachel. You have good eyes and memory too (about my avatar)!! :)
Hope I could locate the Women's Rogaine where I live! Thanks again.

litlstrawberry said…
You are welcome, Michele. :P=
Compton said…
You definitely have gorgeous locks. Some women look good in any color but most women don't. I think if you had blonde hair as a kid, you'll likely look good with blonde hair as an adult. I am very thankful to you for great hair advice.
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