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Physical Matter Is Not Necessarily The Tangible Proof Of Love!!

I didn't score any heels I really like at BNY warehouse sale. That's too bad, right!? Well, the good news is now I can really focus on f/w collection and seriously start my new wish list now. lol

You know, one thing that makes you really happy in life is don't linger around in the past!!! What do I mean by that?!!! For instance, how many of us trying to find a particular brand/color of bag, a pair of pants, or a pair of shoes which we know they are on sale and couldn't let go just because they are dirt cheap in our own standard?!! We would spend the whole day going on line, making phone calls, talking to the customer services.......etc. to track down the items we want!!!!! What a waste of time, don't you think?!!

After the BNY warehouse sale, I feel much relieved!! As if I had the same attitude about everything, I would have a more forward thinking and be able to not lugging those desire around. :)

Girls, clean up your closet, donate or sell most of the clothes you d…

Happy 5th Birthday, Niel!!!

My oldest son, Niel, turns 5 today on July 31st.Happy Birthday, Niel!!

We had his birthday party last week and it is great opportunity to meet w/ old friends and new friends of his and my own. Every year, kids' birthday party is the biggest even for me as I have 3 children and normally I don't have that much energy to hold a party for each 3 of them. But I always like to take that chance to get all my friends together!!

These are all the little favors and activities/craft I prepared for the party. I always prepare the most unique favors/craft I could find for my little guests!! :)

The day I am making brats on the take-out favor boxes!!

Half way there!! Polka Dot favor wraps are for girls.

Besides favors boxes, every kid has little gift from Niel to take home w/!
Girls take home w/ cute wooden hanger!!

I found this Beeswax sheet in a toy store.

I decided to let every kid has their candles to blow instead of blowing onto the birthday cake we are about to consume!! lol All they have t…

BNY Legendary Sale!!

This is a super long can have a cup of tea or coffee when read along!! :)

We arrived too LATE (11 AM) in the warehouse. It is hard to find a parking spot but we are lucky enough to find one within 10 min. :)

The weather is cold and my son is asking for his jacket! :P

This is the first pair of Christian Louboutin black patent sling back I tried on. It actually is not really my size.....about 1 size bigger. I can walk in it but since I am afraid of it will loose up a little in the future. I gave it up!! :(

I fall in love w/ this Maison Martin Margiela boots w/ its pretty embroidery and degrading color from blue to white when I first saw them on Seaofshoes blog.

Bottega Venetta metal carved heels!!

Then my little daughter got bored so I had to take her out for fresh air!!

I found my very first pair of Chloe boots!! Hooray!!
This is the only pair of shoes I take home w/. :P

Miu Miu, although it is my size but it looks so small w/ my feet! :(

Ok, this area is for trying shoes. My kids…

Hibernation =,= Tomorrow Is a Big Day!!

Today, I take it easy w/ kids at home other than picked up my alternation n' went to the hair removal appointment in Stanford in the morning.

Tomorrow, I will wake up early cause' Barney's warehouse is having a sale. My friend, Renee, and I are going to meet up there and see if we can score big. Renee just moved back to SF city from New York and she once scored big in Barney's warehouse in New York. So wish us luck!!

In case we are feeling guilty about shopping w/ kids, we also plan to visit Science of Museum after lunch. Just so both moms and kids will have a fun and fulfill day!!


1. TOP: Blue chiffon sheer top (never heard the brand when bought at Camel by the sea)
2. BOTTOM: IRO grayish tapered pants w/ ruched waist
3. SHOES: Chanel gray Mary-jane flat w/ charms
4. ACCESSORY: Chanel 09 s/s CC multicolored scarfChanel 08 s/s heart w/ cc crystal earrings
Chanel gray 08 classic lambskin jumbo
I, in fact, wore the same top yesterday and this is the snapshot of Eric Beam…

Starting Fresh...Frjtz Belgian fries in San Francisco!!

Last week we girls were talking about this Frjtzdinner where serves tasty Belgian fries on Haynes street of SF city. In fact, my friend, Irene, first shared this great restaurant with us.Today, me, my kids and my friend, Judy, decided to pay a visit on this great store and fun street!! In fact, we are looking for day care/pre-k school in the neighborhood. However, the fries, all the savory crepes, and cappuccino we had are just too good that we didn't even notice the time went by so fast. Therefore, we didn't even have the chance to do window shopping and had to run for the appointments we had w/ couple pre-schools but we definitely will go back again and SOON. :)


1. TOP: My creation of tank top
Max Co. dusty pink jacket 2. BOTTOM: United Colors of Benetton harem pants3. SHOES: Manolo Blanhnik brown heels4. ACCESSORY: Betsy Johnson wool hatFelon cross/crystal necklaceBrown croc embossed bow belt (from AEOS)
Balenciaga Violet part time bag 08

So this is my inspiration fro…