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19 July, 2009

Busy Bumble Bee-- as always!!

I am preparing my son, Niel's, birthday party on Sat. We stopped by the lake where we held the party couple times, just to make sure we don't have to reserve it in advance, to know the detail of renting a kayak and how to drift on a inflatable boat........etc. Kids loves water, in fact, even adults too. I am so excited as I will be able to do kayaking and be close to the water w/o getting wet!!!

Kids ran for the freedom!!! :P

I have been hanging out w/ my high school pal, Judy, so often like 3 days in a week after she moved in the neighborhood. Then She becomes my "temporary" baby-sitter. I dropped off my 3 children to her so I can do chores quickly and efficiently.

Hosting a birthday party is a big thing especially when all of my guests have young children as well. The food, the cake, the place, the activities, even the favors become a headache when I want to do more personalized party favors!!! lol

I wore my Hale Bob silk/velvet top w/ IRO tappered pants, Chanel 2 tone pumps. I believe I carry Chloe sally w/ me.

Before Niel's birthday, it was Ilona's. She turned 2 last week and there was a mini birthday party for her. Well, she couldn't possibly remember anything about her 2-year-old birthday party. But I want her to know that no matter their birthday party is big or small, I cherish them equally.

Colors are the most efficient way to stimulate young brain other than music!

This toy is almost like Lego, except it is a roller coaster for marbles. Kids love anything ROUND!!!

Happy Birthday to Ilona!!

We went to Left Bank for lunch on Sat. This is the first time I tried les tartes flambees (Classic Alsacian thin crust savory tart). This is called BASQUE and the tomato sauce is so sweet that blends well w/ the slightly salty chorizo. Yum!!

I told my DH that I would just pay for the receipt of the crust!! So thin and so crispy!!

How amazing that my 2 years old Ilona knows how to pose everytime!

On Saturday: DKNY sleeveless top, Neil Barrett black sheer top, Gucci cropped pants, Sergio Rossi ankle heels, beads w/ floral embroidery necklace, Chanel 07 metallic silver reissue.

Finally today (Sun.)!! We had a lunch gathering w/ friends. kids enjoyed themselves very much as adults chat away the whole afternoon!! What a weekend for all of us!!

I can't start my Sun. skipping Power yoga!!

Ilona is more like a tomboy now!!
MY!! Where is my little princess!!!?

213 one piece dress, BCBG taupe w/ ruffle zipper vest, Manolo Blahnik brown heels, Chanel 07 metallic silver reissue

Niel is going to be 5!!!


milkshake214 said...

So many birthdays! Glad to see you guys had so many fun filled days. Ilona's chocolate cake looks very delicious :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Nancy;
how are you? Where have you been? Hopping around blogs, and internet?!!
Yap, I can't stop eating dessert these days....:)

Julia said...

among all 4 outfits, i favor the one with black sheer blouse+white pants+red shoes.

i started to look for ideas for ds' birthday too.

lake is a good spot.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R! Wow...busy mom indeed! I haven't organized any parties for Mason yet, as I think toddlers will only remember things when they reach 3 years old. So, for Mason's 1st birthday last year and this year 2nd birthday (this coming November 26), we just organize a small family event for celebration.

I enjoy all of your pictures here. Ilona is such a sweet little girl. And I esp. like the picture with Neil and Abby together. Good brother & sister! Do they fight a lot though?

As for your outfits, like Julia, I'm drawn to your black sheer blouse & white outfit the most (with your SR heels). I actually tried on your Sergio Rossi red patent shoes here at our outlet store. They have a size 40 but too small for me. They are really sexy shoes! Hehehehe!

BTW, do you know the online game "Street Fighter"? Your cute hairdo for your b/w outfit reminds me of "Chun-Li" in Street Fighter! :D Nice hairdo for a change.

Michael St. James said...

You are such a fashionable mom and your kids are so cute!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Julia: thanks. But you know, the DKNY top is not white, it is sheer pink pin stripped sleeves shirt...and the cropped pants is like khaki or is just under too bright sun so everything looks so pale! haha..

Oh, I will share our party after its done. I hope everything turns out great. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle:
You know, I just browsed the NM shopping catalog and saw the Babushka doll again....I like the "snowman" they made for the ad. haha....

Yap, I would assume in most Asia, birthday party is not big thing as when I was young, I never had any bday party other than w/ family. here is probably like a "trend"!! Or it is just like we adults making excuses to have fun, that's it!! hahah...

Oh, right, the SR heels is very small every part in general and for my WIDE bone, I can't really walk in it so it is only a shoes for walking around the neighborhood for me. hah!!

hehe..I probably know what are you talking about!! But my hair is actually a "pony tail" w/o the tail is the angle shoot makes it look like a "dumpling" there!! I like it, it is cute!! :P

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Mike. Hope you don't mind I call you in abbreviation!

Jenny said...

Ohh....can't wait to meet you, Rachel, at Niel's 5th B'day Party! Oh...Happy Belated 2 y.o. to little Ilona.'re wearing your CHANEL pump to the park!!! I am wondering what type of shoes that will look suitable yet still fashionable for me go Niel's B'day Party with kayaking activity :-) I cannot wear flat, I need high heel to make people think that I am 5' 7" ha..ha...

litlstrawberry said...

haha... Jenny: We were going somewhere else before checking out that park that's why I wear Chanel pump...but well, I always wear something I WANT to wear and suitable for my outfit instead of place appropriation. haha...

Don't dress up too much then you know it will look awkward since all the guests I invited are low key...couple of my fashionable girls are not attending. :P


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