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10 July, 2009

New Inspiratioin -- Cut-out Leggings n' Save!!

pic. courtesy of
The other day, my friend, Isabel, called me and asked about what do I think of the look of distressed leggings!!

She once saw a girl wore Kain label shirt, Elisabeth & James blazer which is same as ours and rocked in this pair of distressed leggings. She is so inspired by the look!! However, she found out the leggings all cost around $110 to $125. Well, I must say, if we can do an experiment on our own leggings, I think we will save us half of the retail price. :) Besides, we will have one of a kind look of ourselves too.

Then, Isabel and I were talking about how to cut ourselves a nice pair of leggings and not showing too much of "crafted" work on our own. (Not that craft work is not good!!)

Here I go today!! I dug out this purple glitter leggings which I bought in Pairs last Nov. and cut couple slits of the style I like but reserve most of the leggings. The trick is you have to prepare a very sharp scissors and a pair of higher denier (thick and tighter) leggings. You have to wear them on to cut the desired places a small slit first. Then you decide you want to cut it more to the left or right!!

Isabel and I don't like too many tears which would look like a zombie or look like we just fell off the cliff. haha......I think this pair will go perfectly w/ my Kain Label tank too!!

So what do you think? Classic rock n' roll or posh eclectic? Do or Don't!!?


1. TOP:
  • J Crew distressed gold tank (I got it bigger to cover my butt)
  • Kain Label tank
  • Elisabeth & James while ruched sleeves blazer
2. Bottom: Purple glitter leggings (bought in Paris)
3. Shoes: Diesel gladiator heels
4. Accessory:
  • Fallon cross/crystal/cone brass necklace from Barney's
  • Chanel 09 s/s multiple pearls w/ rhinestone necklace
  • Chanel 08 s/s metallic silver classic clutch
  • Chloe 09 s/s orange Sally
First, I try this safer look w/ Chanel pearl and classic clutch!!

I might just cut out more slits on leggings later on.

Then I am trying this posh eclectic look w/ cool necklace and Chloe bag.

Maybe not w/ the blazer!!

Maybe I can take off Chanel pearl necklace too!!


Amicable Andrea said...

Hi there! tis my 2nd comment to u, hv not been updating myself on yr blog for few mths as i've been busy. i really adore u & yr wonderful kids. u r such an inspiration! Beautiful mummy with beautiful friends. i feel i can identify with u in yr fashionable pursuits & yr devotion to yr family. i don't hv kids yet & readg yr blog is such a joy. don't know if i can post yr blog as a link in my FaceBook to inspire my mommy friends?



Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oooooh! R! I love your artwork there!! Nice cut-outs for your glitter purple leggings! Gosh....I don't dare to that to a pair of leggings bought from Paris...hehehehe! Anyway, I'm thinking that you can also try it with your CL Astraqueen booties when you have the blazer on....and a chunkier piece of necklace if you're getting rid of the Chanel pearl? Hmmm...I think your Erickson Beamon bubble necklace will look good too! (Or a chunky necklace from Gemma Redux as shown here? much to experiment on this look! Let me see, I can "copy cat" your look with distressed jeans. I have a white blazer from zara and tank tops....just that I can't do leggings because of the shape of my legs. Thanks so much for the inspiration! (I might just wear that tonight to dinner with friends....:D)


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Andrea:

How are you? It sure has been a while since the last time we emailed each other. I am glad that you enjoy reading my blog. I know everyone's priority is slightly different and hopefully I can inspire more women to love themselves more as well as the way they love their family!!

I am happy to share my experience and tips from all my mommy friends to every woman!!

litlstrawberry said...

Wow Mia: You know better of my accessories than me!! This morning, I am quite inspired and the only thing i can think of is I want the look less "street-alike" so there I grab that two necklaces which I normally wear. I must forget all about my Eric Beamon necklace. Thanks for reminding me. yap, I sure can use your tip when dress up myself w/ the look again....Then I came home and use clear nail polish to do touch ups around the tear and hopefully I can wear it as many times as possible. haha...Oh, it is not too bad for USD$40 leggings, considering now it is transformed to a new cut-out one. haha... I think I can still find the same pair in Pairs. :)

Purse Addict said...

Love the clutch and necklace!!

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, purse. Chanel is unbeatable classic!! :)

Julia said...

i have been seeing ripped/distressed leggings on fashion mag these days too. it is definitely a hot trend. shows nice legs and fashion edge.

btw, does Isabel have a blog? i really want to see.

you are always so creative. i wish i have the half of your creativness.

i replied your question about the hat to your red dress outfit on my blog. because i can show you the pictures there.

hope you find it useful.

can't wait to see your next fab outfit.


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia:
Thanks, dear. You know, you are great just the way you are for all the things.....the only thing I am the energy!!! ha ha ha... All my mommy friends and even my mother in law are wondering what did my mom eat when she had me. hahaha..

Oh, Isable doesn't have a blog but we talked on the phone couple times a week to update our STUFF to each other. :) I wish she had ONE though. :)

Thanks for the pic. and I left comments to you before I checked here. haha....


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