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08 July, 2009

Knock Myself Out!!

This week I didn't sign up my kids for any camp activities....then I realized it is a big mistake.

I was totally knocked out by now around 10:30 PM after whole days activities including shopping, dinning at Santana Row w/ friends then came home to cook dinner and while DH took Abby for swimming class at 7:00 PM, I took Niel and Ilona to do Power Yoga. Of course, I don't have to watch Niel and Ilona when doing yoga, I finally have a piece of quite moment all by myself.

I was still trying to level the exhaustion down by doing Power yoga in the evening, but I'm no superwoman, I am going to call it a day!! lol

Kids stop by lululemon at Santana Row where I once shopped for yoga suit. They remember back of the store has a small area full of toys, book and some pretend custome.

We dined at The village and when the receptionist asked how many of us, I feel kinda of embarrassed to tell him that we have 3 adults and 6 kids. I assume most restaurant won't expect this many kids unless it is a kid's party!! haha......

Waiting for mommy friends and kid's arrival for lunch at The Village!!

I love the causal jeans of Cathy today!


Cathy, me and my other friend, Irene all got this very same sunglasses from Chloe.

1. TOP:
  • Max & Co. black dress
  • Y-3 runway red sheer dress
  • Y-3 runway wrinkled shrug
2. SHOES: Y-3 black sneakers
  • Puma red hat
  • Chloe sunglasses
  • mini brass disc necklace from Anthro.
  • One side of brass earrings from Betsy Johnson
  • Chanel 09 cruise matte white reissue 227


Hi, I am Ilona, and I am going to be 2 next week!!

Dress up for a whole family is big task...I don't know how Angelina Jolie does for all 6 of her kids. :) I guess nanny would be very helpful for sure!!


LinLin said...

Ilona is soooooo adorable!!!

eve-eve said...

your friend cathy really looks nice and cool with her outfit.. ;-)

RRE-T*F said...

It will get better as the children get older. I let my children play outdoors A LOT (biking, skateboarding, jumping on the trampoline, basketball). It helps that we live in a cul-de-sac (less traffic).

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Lin. If I may ask how many brothers and sisters do you have? Ilona is the 3rd one of mine so we always think she is pretty smart.....street smart!! haha....

litlstrawberry said...

thanks, eve, I will tell Cathy about your compliments!! :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, true: I day, my physical endurance will reach its limit while my kids have to do all the house chores for ME....I guess I am dreaming for the day to come earlier...haha....

I need to think about something for them to do next week before I am all exhausted again.

Betsy said...

Rachel - Ilona's skin looks a lot better these days. Is it because of changing her eating habits and getting rid of allergens in her environment? That Max black dress looks very sexy underneath and it's so creative how your wore it with your Y3 sheer pieces. I like Cathy's jeans too. She's got the casual chic look going.

I often feel embarrassed when we have more kids than adults at a restaurant too. But oh well, you're there to spend money right? At least you're giving them your business.

Btw, I've been meaning to ask you where you bought your passport holder. I've been looking for ones for Max & Sophie too. TIA!

Julia said...

R. looking great in your red dress. but i would wear a different hat.

i just bougth a red dress too...


my blog:

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Betsy: Thanks. So far, I can only find that black dress to fit underneath the Y-3 dress....wait..I think Cathy gave me a tank dress and I think it might go w/ it too. :)

OH, yap, Cathy, she probably won like 200 jeans.....before she sold, donate, give....... half of it. I told her that she should invest in revolveclothing since she bought lots of their clothes. :P I love her jean vest w/ big shoulder very much. Timeless!!

Hum...Ilona's skin is a lot better but if you look closely, the redness underneath the eyes are not completely faded away. But I am sure the weather, environment definitely influence a mom nags me everyday that she said I should be very very very very careful about Ilona's skin......she is a girl, skin is everything....blah blah...... wait, how come I don't think she reminds me that I will have freckles if I expose to the sun to much when I was young!!! haha ..... *<* Yeh~~ easy to "command" than do it yourself!! haha...

OH, I got the passport holder at Border's bookstore. They have plenty of cute selections. Someone even comment "very cute" on the tiny Owl bag I got for Ilona too. :) I gotta say, those figures are just too cute not to adore them!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Julia: so what style of hat you think would go w/ the dress? I tend to wear as casual as possible and I look around that's the only hat I got which I think can go w/ the outfit. :)

I am bearing the spirit of Y-3 collection: sporty, fun and athletic look.


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