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Kitchen, cooking and Moi~

I love to cook and I love to decorate, and I especially enjoy the ostentatiously presented plates.  It doesn't matter if the food is palate satisfying but right before you fork in the plate, it has to be eye pleasing first, agree?? 

Nothing about today's post is real food nor cooking, it's just I am still doing my house interior decorating, particularly the great room by the kitchen.  Since I am very attentive to details, I realized that the inlay wall by the sofa is lacking a depth. Right now, I am waiting for a grid pattered wall paper by Johnathan Adler to arrive. I want the space next to my kitchen to be a little 60s, vintage-y looking, decadent furnished, but before that, I am hoping the wall paper will work. ha~ 

The wall is just too white to my likie at this moment..... 

The kitchen is complete but what's next to it is the place where I seem not too happy about the look just yet. 

Valentino black label rock studs heels, Shui Chen New York leather patched top/bottom …

Take sides, black chic or red sexy or both?

The simplest but also the sexiest color combination; Black and various shades of Red are repeated in every season. I am freaking love them. Don't you!? 

Pic. Internet (fashion week)
Valentino Rockstuds
Wear black n' red on each foot? No, I dare not!! ha~ Rachel 

Where the wild things are?

Jewelry is women's best friend, for me, especially ostentatiously ornamented jewelry.  Evidences proved that flashy jewelry not just exists in modern era, but way Before Christ was born. The ancient society loves animals and they wish to empower themselves with all sorts of mysterious magic, should it be from the mother nature, from unknown spirit, or even animals, ancient people adorn themselves with excess accessories.  I stumbled Legion of Honer museum today while hiking around the neighborhood of Lands End trails in San Francisco. I love the grand front entrance and the miniature pyramid which mimics the one outside of Musee' du Louvre in Pairs. I am also swooned by those golden animal jewelry from 4th Century B. C. exhibited in the museum. They are not only the symbol of almighty power but also the inspirational making of modern jewelry. 

I was lucky that I found a pair of tiger eye/horn necklace by Iosselliani this season and love its loud details. They are automatically …

Let's go camo!

Camo print has never been this astonish, right? After Philip Lim, I cannot just stop there, what about Rag & Bone leather camo. skinny pants? Hard to resist the flirty butt hugging and lifting look, right? Oh my, just agree with me, will you? ^^ If so, let's wrap ourselves with some rich and busy hue this fall. 
My new Chartreuse lounge sofa, Christian Lacroix two sides pillow ( union jack and embroidery printed at the other ) On me: 3.1 Phillip Lim camo sweat pants. 

pic. Internet 

Rag & Bone leather Camo skinny pants 

Free people sequin sailboat tank, 3.1 Phillip Lim sweat pants, and recycle my necklaces (Elfi Altendorfer custom mother-of-pearl necklace doubled with Erickson Beamon for Target (several years back) clear bubble necklace

 Hermes clic clac, Prada glasses, Janni Kayne silver embroidery flat 

Look out for camp fashion. 
xoxo Rachel 

Mad Red.

Marni blouse, earrings, necklace, Venessa Bruno leather pants, jenni kayne embroidery flats, Prada clutch.  Thanks to my girl friends who gifted me a birthday present of this lovely Marni earrings which perfectly paired with Marni necklace bought in Paris. 
Hope everyone enjoy your long weekend!!  ^_<  Xoxo Rachel