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Whenever I'd like to thank my family for their support especially hubby's taking care of kids while I had my best time with girls night out, a nice home-cooking for my family is always ensued!!
Here are examples of a quick supper which allows you endear yourself to your family! They are going to love both you and the food!

We love the creamy taste of white sauce but I always order/buy tomato cream sauce/ sun-dried tomato cream sauce for a little healthier twist! 
When saute shrimps, I also use herb infused dipping oil + extra virgin olive oil for more flavor!....try it and you'll love how much aroma it can add into your dishes!!

I call this " Fussili Melody" as Niel loves fussili pasta while Heidi and Ilona love Ravioli and add mushroom, Spinach, shrimps, then there you have a healthy and tasty hearty meal!!
Two dishes in one...easy for mom to do! ^^

This is a quick supper for hubby as he lurrrrrrrrrrves hash brown. 
A home-grilled chicken satay (store bought satay s…

What a Colorful Day!!

After Niel and Heidi done their piano recital this noon, we went up to California Academy of Science to meet up with Irene's family. The museum is currently exhibiting snakes and chameleon and all Irene and I can think of is "Python" ...... lol We are drooling over Python PS1 satchel (Proenza Schouler) and we want different shades. 

Those are pretty colors that I'd love to see them in PS1. lol (Pretty Peach + pattern)

(Emerald Green (or darker)

(Neon Green...but not with polka dot lol) 

I found this large satchel and absolutely love the understated green of it....but it is stated as "Mauve" which seemly belongs to dirty pink or beige! {I am wondering, pondering....suspiciously!!}

A hamster?

On me: H&M cropped tank, Max Mara weekend boot-cut pants (altered as cuffed capri), Miu Miu leather wedge 11', purple feather hair clip, patterned fabric belt (bought in Indonesia)

On Irene: Marni polka dot tank blouse, some brand of puffy skirt with draw string at hem,…

All Worth it....Tsumori Chisato!!

I love the soft touch of silk and satin on me and so does my hubby. He'd hug me more often whenever I have those luxe. fabric on!! 

Tsumori Chisato dress, Chanel mini flap, Elisabeth Cole dagger necklace, black ruffle belt, Chanel sunglasses, stripped wedge sandal.

{ I think I can totally play with this dress, front and back compatible or drop the top down the waist as a even more drapery skirt!! We will see then... } 

Ilona totally steal my spotlight!! lol...

Have a well planned rest of the long weekend!! xoxo Rachel


We handle our family, kids, kids' school, work, house chores, ..... etc. fast and efficiently and at the mean time, we definitely try our best enjoy our life, slow down the aging process and cherish our friends and family!!!
My comfy outfit before big night that we girls go out for fun.

This time our girls' night out theme is SUMMER WHITE!! I made that theme because it is fun and also because I bought this Tsumori Chisato drapy dress which made it easier for me. :P  

Everyone did a great job of interpreting SUMMER WHITE!  Love you all, my gals!! 
No, we are not street vender selling shoes off the street, we simply help Pei to choose between those flats for her. lol.

Enjoy every moment of your life!
xoxo Rachel

Never Engender Ennui On Your Look!

If you love feeling comfortable of yourself, don't wear just sweat pants, try washed-silk pants instead.   If you love looking posh in shirts, try a bow on the neck! If you absolutely feeling no sense of fashion, try matching color suiting look ... at least for now when it is the TREND!! 

I am digging in my closet to create new looks and I think I am even ready for this fall..... 

{Geez. I had too much food for lunch today... I swear I buttoned the last two buttons on my shirt this morning.... lol.}

Metallic silver shirt (I cut off 1/3 sleeves of the shirt for a face lift.), ribbon tie, Rock & Republic wide leg jeans, Christian Louboutin heels, Hermes Rubis Lindy 30cm, Chanel sunglasses

Elisabeth Cole 
24K gold-plated 
Single Octagon Dagger Necklace with Swarovski Crystals
{ A very happy find for $88 }

Both right, left looks are taken from Oscar de la Renta 2011 pre-fall look. (

Vince light gold sequins cropped (box) top, Vintage find in ROME gold tulip leg high-waist pants, …

Positively Elated!!

Cathy and I drove up to SF city in such overcast weather today. But we are lucky as it turns out sunny and nice after some rain!  We didn't have any objective about whether we want to shop or eat or just browse stuff in the city.  A random trip up to San Francisco just to be away from the suburban. lol. There are lots of pre-sale going on in most stores and we are merely gathering ideas of "summer white" theme for our girls' night out on Friday!!!!
See, "gathering ideas", and we end up not buying anything!! Everything looks great in Zara but I think I have enough inspiration and can make lemonade out of lemon just from my own closet!! lolololololololol.....
(right below: buffalo bone(?) carved earring bought in Kauai.)

Did you see all those pretty bright colored envelop clutch + shoulder bags?

I am only trying Coral here... I had the green one and feel absolutely elated!!

My Outfit Du Jour
1. Top: Tsumori Chisato paw striped tee Vince bright orange cropped tee
2. B…

Head to Toe Impromptu!!

Today is one of the days I don't have a clue what to wear...especially after a hectic weekend for me. A t-shirt or tank look is a no-brainer for me so I go for it!!  But even in my most relaxed look, I'd love to disguise the whole outfit as they are well thought put-together!! ........ 
How do I do that??
Accessories!!!  You know, hang bags, watches, sunglasses, hat, belt, shoes, smiles, and attitude.... ^O^ oh, and hair extensions!!

I found this leather belt at Nordi.  and it is quite interesting as it is a 2 sectors of color-block belt with attached leather string. It is actually quite blank at first sight but perfectly ties my tank+saggy pants look altogether. 

My Outfit Du Jour
1. Top:  BCBG Generation sport-bra top Michael Angel racer-back digital print sheer tank  Mcginn skinny tuxedo vest (come with its blazer)
2. Bottom: Suzuki Takayuki organic silk pants
3. Accessory: color block leather belt with attached strings Chanel 08' large black perforated Rodeo Drive tote (Still lo…

Dance, Shoes, Friends and Family!

Summer shoes.

Hermes White CDC. 

Have a good quality time with both your family and friends. 
xoxo Rachel