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31 May, 2011


Whenever I'd like to thank my family for their support especially hubby's taking care of kids while I had my best time with girls night out, a nice home-cooking for my family is always ensued!!

Here are examples of a quick supper which allows you endear yourself to your family! They are going to love both you and the food!

We love the creamy taste of white sauce but I always order/buy tomato cream sauce/ sun-dried tomato cream sauce for a little healthier twist! 

When saute shrimps, I also use herb infused dipping oil + extra virgin olive oil for more flavor!....try it and you'll love how much aroma it can add into your dishes!!

I call this " Fussili Melody" as Niel loves fussili pasta while Heidi and Ilona love Ravioli and add mushroom, Spinach, shrimps, then there you have a healthy and tasty hearty meal!!
Two dishes in one...easy for mom to do! ^^

This is a quick supper for hubby as he lurrrrrrrrrrves hash brown. 
A home-grilled chicken satay (store bought satay sauce for marinate and dipping) and some mini hot dogs keep his protein intake in-check!

As for me, I don't need much food for dinner but I eat 6 meals throughout the day and munch almonds all day long to keep my protein intake in-check. Then, here comes my soul meg. lol.
pic. source. fashion mag. 
 So, what I learned today is that you need to "belt" your pleat skirt to add a cool definition, buy as many sequin pieces as possible, and stock up "PINK"!!!! ^^

I was so inspired again by Ann's feather or petal-like cardigan the other night she wore to our girl's night out. So I dug out my vintage find last year....this loop wool cardigan. ....Oh, yes, if you are wondering, I am wearing fall look already. lololol...... nay, jk!

"Pink" can be girly and powerful if you pair it right!!!

Karen Walker s/s 2011

Love Ann's fuzzy but not furry cardigan.


My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top:
Pink/white two layered tank 
Vintage loop cropped cardigan

2. Bottom:
Vera Wang Lavender label color block wide pleat skirt

3. Accessory:
Elisabeth Cole dagger Swarovski 24K gold-plated necklace
ADAhandbag color block leather belt with strings
Barton Perreira cat eye sunglasses
Hermes Rubis 30cm Lindy

4. Shoes:
Costume National oxford heels

Try compatible colors for your bags and, Navy Vs. Red!!

xoxo Rachel


Chic Escape said...

wow, those pasta looks like "restaurant-made", you should share the recipe. I really don't know how you do it - on top of taking care of 3 kids, you also pack with busy schedule such as acting and yoga class and of course chords around the house and you still manage to look so gorgeous everyday. That's something I really look up to. I have a 5 month old and some days I don't even take off my PJs :(

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Winnie:

With your determination, you will have your own online shopping site and look fabulous in no time. .... I am sure you have to as you need to model some of those clothes and you can't be lazy!! ^O^

Keep up!!

xo Rachel


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