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06 May, 2011

Yellow + Navy = Stylish!!

Hubby and I had a date this evening and all went well!! He got back from his business trip from Denver one day earlier.  I guess he really missed us very much that he couldn't spend one more day away!

There were a lot of things going on between us the past couple weeks but like I said to myself: "There are a lot of distraction in our life, we just have to sort things out cleverly!!"

I had a cocktail mixed with orange juice which is perfect to match my navy glitter nails. 
I would color my whole body to match my clothes if I could..... ^O^ {Tattoo is the least thing I'd ever want to have it on me though.} 



My outfit du jour

1. American Apparel 3D mesh roses sweater
2. H&M high waist cropped trousers 
3. LTD Chanel 08' metallic navy striped reissue 227 
4. Crazy dog wooden necklace (bought at "Bettina" boutique in SF city)
5. Crochet swirl baret
6. Christian Louboutin damask striped heels with knot


I also wear gold glittering eye shadow from MAC, and Laura Mercier gold/yellow glitter eyeliner to match my navy bag. 

You can wear striped trend anyway you like!
pic. source

A date with hubby tonight, so.......  lose the heels!!
(J crew burgundy glitter sandal)

Happy Mother's Day weekend!!
xoxo Rachel 


DesignCatalog said...

your skin looks *amazing*!

Mummy Moon said...

Happy Mother's Day to you ! I very like this outfit and your gold glittering eye shadow from MAC!

litlstrawberry said...

Thank you, Design Catalog.

Hi, Mummy Moon, Happy Mother's Day to you too!!!


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