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16 May, 2011

Inimitable Style!

Everyone agrees that style needed an infusion of personality.  

I am an optimist so I dress colors and I talk loud in an upbeat tone. But my theory is even if you don't dress colors as much as I do, you should quickly venture out and start buying colorful clothes..... just to give yourself something to challenge. You will probably notice you like bright colors just as much as you like black and white. ^^ Dress in colors doesn't necessarily mean you are trying to ingratiate yourself w/ other people but more of opening yourself up and be gratitude!! 

I recently received couple fellow readers' emails from Singapore. I am so happy as they told me that they start noticing the little magic on their daily looks simply by working accessories into their ensembles!! 

This morning, I received a package sent from my dearest friend, Isabel, who lives in Orange County, LA. It is a clutch from ZARA special collection. Isabel bought herself Blue while she got me Green clutch instead. Yes, we'd love the same things but we are totally in different "tones" in terms of styles and colors. 


Zara Kelly Green envelop clutch $109 with shoulder chain. 


Yellow is so versatile that it is not only can be paired with "Blue" but also "Green" to amplify their contrasting beauty. 

I was going to pair it with vintage-find turquoise leather/suede sheath but they might be too close of colors from each other. 

My lovely friend, Isabel, carries her electricity blue Zara clutch, and pairs Marni olive green flatform. 

(on me: white lace cam. Anthropologie purple bib necklace, navy crochet vest, H&M front-pleats skirt with pockets.)

I buy vintage collectibles as they are great home decor. to me. 


My Outfit Du Jour

1. Top: 
H & M washed yellow cropped tank (underneath)
Green cape(?) scarf(?) cover-up (?)... 
{Well, my mom gives me this cape couple seasons ago while I was in Taipei. She has such a great taste for finding treasures on street vendors.}

2. Bottom:
Yellow harem pants (Bought in Taiwan couple seasons ago to learn hip-hop.)

3. Accessory:
J Crew green gem cuff
Purple feather hair clip
Zara Kelly Green oversized clutch

4. Shoes:
Christian Louboutin Suede dark purple Mary-Jane platform
Always infuse myself in lovely colors!!
How about you?!
xoxo Rachel 


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Nice color blocking R! Your Zara clutch I think is inspired by Celine's "Clasp Bag". So similar! What a great find! :D Anyway, I like the green color, although for me, I would have used a gray/cream/hot pink/lime green clutch bag instead. :) Taipei does have a lot of treasures in the small boutiques. Wanna visit there again at the end of this year. Hehe! Have a great week ahead!


lilyonthewater said...

This clutch is one of my favorite items in Zara at the moment!

You look amazing and radiant! Bright colors match your vibrant personality!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Such an unusual look, love the richness and deepness of the colors here! And your make up too :)

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Mia, yes, Bingo!! Isabel and I were talking how not to spend a fortune on Celine clutch but just get a look-alike. ^^
Like wise, hope you have a colorful week too.

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Lily, I love your blog...but the thing is the ad. :P I'd love to leave a comment if I do't have to wait for the ad to finish.....haha.... maybe next time I should be more patient.

And yes, you look lovely in the recycling peasant blouse. It is very flirty on you, dear.


James Michael White said...

Wow! That Zara clutch is a steal. Love the electric blue version too.


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