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Faithful Glove Clutch by Alexander McQueen!

I tried this McQueen clutch the day I bought my Chloe orange Sally bag. It actually is not that hilarious by the look when your hand hold it INSIDE the glove. If you don't have that sense of humor, you can take off the leather glove and hold it w/ bare hand!! I love the buttery soft leather and that make-you-happy new leather smell of it! lol

Then I came across this pair of McQueen skull zipper pull engraved peep toe stiletto booties online. I start imaging myself carrying the clutch AND stepping into this provocative booties when.....grrr......girl's night out? a dinner date w/ DH? Oh, well, I hate to admit that even things like these are not practical for me anymore!!! I assume I can't wear them both at the same time w/ my 3 kids around.
Let's just pretend that I could at least rock them in my dream, and no one could lay a hand!!!

Very Prive Christian Louboutin Heels.....How To Get a Grip!

I assume Christian Louboutin Very Prive Heels is the most wanted shoes for every woman. They are so sexy just by looking at them let alone wearing them walking on the street. I receive blandishments every time I wore them out, literally, w/o failing one time so far.

My friend, Michelle, is asking me about how to get a better grip when wearing them. Here is what I do.

1. I don't think brand name of padding matters....but I use both fabric and gel paddings for different parts of underneath my feet.

2. Here is the tricky part, I use 2 big paddings instead of 1 big and 1 small for the particular heel which slips off like hell. In my case, my right heel slides off my ankle a lot. I put one underneath my toes/feet and the other one was placed underneath/align w/ my Achilles tendon. The big padding has more grip and the small one originally designed for the ankle is useless!!! However, I found out that I don't have problem w/ my left heel so I simply use the ankle stripe instead.

I didn…

Ferry Building Fun ...... What A Eye Candy Day!!

I said it, somehow I am loving "black" back these must be the trend or designer's collection made me think the BLACK color is the new "Statement" color.

I start wearing my Y-3 sneakers which I never wear unless I am going to the gym. Plus, I don't even do jogging since it bored me to death. lol Sneakers to me is more like an accessory than an activity essential!!

We went to Ferry Building in SF city and had a blast there.........all of us had a treat by the city today!!


1. TOP:
ZARA striped shirtSo Nice black vest w/ sheer trim (Taiwan brand)
2. BOTTOM: Pleated skirt from my mom
3. Accessory:
Sea-grass Fedora hatFallon brass cross/glass necklace (Barnes New York) The necklace is featured in BAZAAR "Best summer buy in July".

I like to layer my two necklaces together for a more unique look.

Ferburge limited ed. blue enamel/sapphire cross necklace Y-3 black sneakersnavy degraded socks
Chloe sunglassesChanel 09 s/s black bow w/ cc dangl…

Back to 70'!!!

So I was bored.....and drained w/ what I should wear!! Here I cut my top by myself to just have some fun w/ it. I don't know what my kids' teachers think about my outfit........but I am sure they will think I am a fun mom!! haha.....

I was totally feeling going to the lounge and doing old school dance in my ODJ. lol

Today, after done w/ Power Yoga, I tried hip hop and it was so much fun!! I am going to make it as my another work-out routine!!

1. TOP:
Free people neon yellow tulle topTSE white shirt......ripped by me2. BOTTOM:
American Apparel metallic purple miniSportAgnes'b green leggings3. Shoes:Y-3 black sneakers
4. Bag: Chanel matte white reissue in 227

My friend, Irene, commented that I looked like Peter Pan w/ those bright color and ripped tank top!! :P

Tomorrow my two older kid's gymnastic class will have a show for parents. I will take pic. for them and see what they can do in only ONE week!! haha......

When Fashion Is Some "textile" Away!!!

I was browsing through some fashion magazine the other day and didn't realize it was about s/s 09 collection until later. Models are layering so many pieces and dark colored clothes that no one would tell it is s/s apparel at first glance. Then I realized I was admiring this designer: Neil Barrett. He was a former designer for Gucci and Prada's men collection until he launched his own men's wear at fall 1999. Then there is his collection for both man and woman since fall 2006. The most impressive design from Neil is his 2006 collection of training apparel for Italy’s World Cup–winning soccer team.

Here are some of his collection. I definitely can find some similar pieces in my wardrobe if not exactly the same. :)

Yap, waist coat is the most powerful piece to have an instant stylish look.

I will definitely buy that very short version of coat for this f/w collection !!! So fierce!!

If you are wondering why would I want that coat, then here is WHY!!! These days I am looking int…

What a Heel!!!!

Today, after I have done Power yoga, and picked up my two older kids from gymnastic class, my friend, Judy and I headed to SF zoo w/ kids.

You probably think I am crazy wearing that heels to the zoo and even my DH thinks I am nuts wearing that jacket when it is 80ºF outside today. Well, I'd like to keep my style when I have the mood to wear that outfit of the day, besides, we are heading SF city and it turns out very windy too. Later, I'll have dinner w/ my 3 other gals in the evening so I don't think I would have time to change before dinner.

This pair of Stella Luna heels are super comfy and they made great arch for the feet to walk w/. Oh, I do have a pair of flip flop wedge in the car just in case. So, no worry, no shock at all!!


1. TOP:
Zara striped shirtSt. John Vintage sequin-alike disc big shouldered jacket2. BOTTOM: Plastic Island high waist shorts
3. Shoes: Stella Luna gladiator black patent heels
Chloe sunglassesSonia Rykiel Swarovski Owl b…

That Certain Look!!

I carried my new Chloe Orange Sally this whole week in order for me to have a "bounding" w/ the bag. lol ....I said, there is a certain look that absolutely needs a certain style of bag to complete it.

I lurrrve what I had on today for the best match of Chloe Sally so far. :) Somehow I just feel the silk/stain fabric goes very well w/ the vintage/royal look of Chloe Sally bag. So what do you think??

The best Father's Day gift for my DH is to drag him w/ me to do "Power Yoga" this morning. Well, literally, we should celebrate for him but everyone knows, a good health is the only game you don't gamble it w/. Wish kids and I will have numerous Father's Day w/ my darling DH.


1. TOP: Max Mara satin lime green tank w/ pocket in front, detail at back
2. BOTTOM: Vanessa Bruno purple polyester shorts w/ 3D pockets at side
Purple crystal sandal (going to Power yoga)
Max Mara clog platform heels in black
4. BAG: Chloe Orange Sally

I had my deep purple c…