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28 June, 2009

Very Prive Christian Louboutin Heels.....How To Get a Grip!

I assume Christian Louboutin Very Prive Heels is the most wanted shoes for every woman. They are so sexy just by looking at them let alone wearing them walking on the street. I receive blandishments every time I wore them out, literally, w/o failing one time so far.

My friend, Michelle, is asking me about how to get a better grip when wearing them. Here is what I do.

1. I don't think brand name of padding matters....but I use both fabric and gel paddings for different parts of underneath my feet.

2. Here is the tricky part, I use 2 big paddings instead of 1 big and 1 small for the particular heel which slips off like hell. In my case, my right heel slides off my ankle a lot. I put one underneath my toes/feet and the other one was placed underneath/align w/ my Achilles tendon. The big padding has more grip and the small one originally designed for the ankle is useless!!! However, I found out that I don't have problem w/ my left heel so I simply use the ankle stripe instead.

I didn't glue it on since I'd like to adjust it every time I put on my shoes.

I don't like gel padding in the front since it makes my feet sweat, however, it is great to be placed along w/ the ankle since a little moist there keeps the heels from sliding off!!

3. Walk w/ your back straightened....this is not just to let your feet grab the heels better but also make sure you walk "sexier" in gesture.

So I have different solutions for my each foot! :)


1. TOP: Agnes' b satin top w/ beads and ruffle sleeves
2. BOTTOM: Vanessabruno purple satin capri w/ 3D pockets
  • 3 strings of black beads in varies sizes
  • Designer friend, Elfi, 1 strings of white/pink pearls w/ swarovski crystals necklace
  • Chloe orange Sally
  • CL Very Prive sequins heels in plum/dark purple
  • Chanel 09 pink camellia earrings w/ pearl drop

I was tasting the coffee.............I don't know which brand name of coffee machine is better!! lol

My satin pants is the same color as my CL heels.


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow R!! I'm sooooo touched! Thanks sooooooo much for your detailed explanation on the pads/grips you have used for each foot. Like you, my right foot is smaller than my left foot, so my right foot has an even more serious heel slippage!! I know what to do. BTW, where did you buy that camel/brown thing you stick at the heels part? And where did you buy the gel pad you used for your heels? If you have a brand of those and where to buy, I can ask my aunt to buy them for me in the US coz she's there now. Then she can bring them back to me. The gel pads here are very thick so can't use them at the heels....yours look like a great solution for right foot! your VPs are plum color! That's a beautiful color! I bought the nude color and I love it too! Like your ODJ as usual! Very chic and stylish with VPs! seem to love your orange Sally bag! I haven't received it yet...still at Nordstrom waiting to be shipped together with my other shoes. Is the Sally bag heavy when carrying it a long time?

Anyway, you're buying a coffee machine? Here at home we use Nespresso coz the ready-made "capsules" of different flavor of espressos is really very convenient, and tastes good too! I like drinking espressos so this was our choice. Another good brand name is Gaggia. Here's the website:
I have their ice-cream machine but their coffee machine is great too!

Again, thanks so much for your valuable tips on "How to Get a Grip" for VPs! I like your title very much! Hehehehehe!


Betsy said...

Rachel - Gorgeous! CL Very Prive heels are so sexy and feminine but I've been reluctant to buy just b/c I know I can't seem to wear them well and comfortably. Perhaps the trick is what you've demonstrated - to use padding and etc.

My question is the same as Mia's. I'm wondering where you bought the gel pads. I haven't started looking yet but is it readily available at Target kind of store, or do I have to go to a specialty store?

I've seen you layer your black beads necklace several times and I do really like that look. i have one black bead necklace already and I've been casually shopping for another for the layered look as well. Thanks again for letting me "borrow" your ideas.

*waves* Hi Mia!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle and Betsy: Thank you, girls.

Yap, the VP heels is one of the most troublesome shoes at the first beginning . You know, I am not sure if this style goes on sale (ever) but I got it on sale at Barney's and I assuming whoever bought it might return it w/ the slip-off the ankle problem. hah...

Betsy: this heels is very comfy regardless the slip-off problem. It won't bite your ankle at all ...if you manage to get a grip w/o kicking the heels away from your feet. haha......

Michelle: you can ask your auntie try Longs or Walgreen drug store, ...even Target. I got mine at Rite Aid (drug store as well). There are 2 gel padding in the package so make sure you "separate" them otherwise you will think the padding is so "thick". (again, mia, are you sure yours is not 2 paddings got stick together???!) I didn't know there are 2 until I rub them ...there I found there are 2 in the package. :)

I like stick the fabric one in front toe as it absorbs some sweat and keep my feet dry. As I said the gel padding in the heel really keep my ankle comfortably when walking in them.

Betsy: you should buy VP just for the sake of having a pair of darn gorgeous heels. haha.... You won't be disappointed w/ it and neither your DH!!!!

As for the black beads, you can try target or Discovery store, or second hand shops. I got mine from $8 to $18 around. They are super stylish. hha....... Good luck then.

White Lily said...

I love your VPs, in fact I love all VPs, and I'm getting a nude pair pretty soon (waiting for the email about a pair on my size, since my size is the most popular on earth damn it...)

I have a HUGE espresso machine from KRUPS, and I love it. I even learned how to take it apart, fix any mechanical problems and reassemble it back again. I do the maintenance my self, never needed the service from the company (yeah I should be a mechanic or something, but I'm too lazy)...

Your Chloe ROCKS!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Lily:
yay~ nude VP is friend, Pei bought crok nude in sling back platform and it looks divine. I am sure your nude VP is gorgeous too and do tell us how do you resolve "sliding off" the ankle problem if you encounter any. :)

yap..I think that's the brand I am looking for. William sonoma doesn't carry it .... or I over looked. ANyway, KRUPS, hum.I think I am going to search for it and learn about how to dissemble (if I do get it) it like you did. =)

yep, these days, my Chloe just came handy since I didn't store it just yet and I think my outfits all goes w/ it in some way. haha....... Laziness, I assume!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle: we decided not to go on another long vacation since my son, Niel is going to Kindergarten this year. We probably will try to do it at the end of this year .... either to Switzerland or Italy or someone actually told me that I can do both. IT is rather close and easy to visit both of them. But I doubt we can do that since everything is "delayed" w/ young kids around. haha...


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