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25 June, 2009

Back to 70'!!!

So I was bored.....and drained w/ what I should wear!! Here I cut my top by myself to just have some fun w/ it. I don't know what my kids' teachers think about my outfit........but I am sure they will think I am a fun mom!! haha.....

I was totally feeling going to the lounge and doing old school dance in my ODJ. lol

Today, after done w/ Power Yoga, I tried hip hop and it was so much fun!! I am going to make it as my another work-out routine!!

1. TOP:
  • Free people neon yellow tulle top
  • TSE white shirt......ripped by me
  • American Apparel metallic purple mini
  • Sport Agnes'b green leggings
3. Shoes: Y-3 black sneakers
4. Bag: Chanel matte white reissue in 227

My friend, Irene, commented that I looked like Peter Pan w/ those bright color and ripped tank top!! :P

Tomorrow my two older kid's gymnastic class will have a show for parents. I will take pic. for them and see what they can do in only ONE week!! haha......


White Lily said...

I love the colors on your outfit.
I'm not the most athletic person, but I used to train for half marathon, and now I only do power walking (you can do it even when shopping so I don't have to wear athletic gear lol, just flats), and I will start my free weights routine again, because I feel weak lately. I usually wear a T shirt and juicy track pants, nothing fancy like you!

I like stylish moms. I'm sure the teachers do as well.

Julia said...

omg. you took a risk and the outfit worked on you!

i just posted the shoes on my thread for your viewing.

enjoy the weekend

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Wow! R!! Your outfit is HOT! You look like a beautiful dancer from the Solid Gold TV Show in the 1980 year! Very daring and brave! It's very refreshing to see these colors all together in an ensemble! I'm impressed! Bravo! :D


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Lily: how are you? Thanks for stopping by here. :)
OH, walking....hum....then I can't window shopping that way...right? I assume you have to walk in some steady speed to call it Power walking.

I am sorry to hear that you feel weak recently. But yes, I think doing some exercise to regain back your muscle is a very very good idea. I am very impressed that you said you are train for half marathon since you don't look that "masculine" to me. haha.... But again, usually marathon runner are very lean and you are!! :)

Oh, yes, I went to their performance on Fri. and kids did some body balance/hand-body coordination performance to show us parents. It is quite nice to see they have little experience about "exercise". :) I think I wore TOO sexy on Fri. and the teacher must be so confused if I am really a MOM. hahahahahha...

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Julia: you know, it is very nice that you left message here and it means a lot to me. Thanks, pal. :)

Oh, yah, the outfit. It is quite fun.

Thanks for posting the shoes again and I sure will stop by your thread.

litlstrawberry said...

Hey, Michelle: you know, I think TPFer w/o is a bit lonely and I can't even find our mommy thread there sometimes. (or most of the time now!!!) I am not carrying much of my Chanel these I can't really post anything there neither!!

I hope you muster your energy back soon so you can do some damage and post modeling pic. there again!!! :) I am sure you already have a "mile-long list" of Chanel of f/w 2009, oui?!!! :P


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