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19 June, 2009

Never Stock Up Your Fashion Buy!! (2)

Today's lunch at The Village at Santana Row w/ Cathy.

I haven't told my DH that I bought this Chloe Sally yet, so today is the day. Well, I only bought it yesterday so I am not trying to hide it from him anyway. :) I placed my orange Sally aside by my matte white Chanel reissue since I carried it out yesterday. DH came home and finally saw it and asked. I told him that it is on sale and really is not a big spending for $700 while it, in fact, is $1148 before tax. lol Although there is $400 lie there I know it's a necessary. White lie? YES!! I know for $400 less than the real price I told him will buy me/us a peaceful weekend and he won't feel the "pressure" at all. hahahahahaha.... Between me and DH, I think he nags a lot...I mean a lot no matter big or small things!!! haha......

I have a pair of same shade orange slingback sandal from Michael Michael Kors.

Then I think Luna Stella gladiator heels might work w/ Sally in a fun way.

I think the more you carry your bag, the better you know what to pair it w/. :)


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Haha....Rachel! Love your ensemble! Hey...I like the ensemble better with black SL gladiator heels. It shows some fierceness! :D I guess I don't usually match shoes color with bags...:P Orange is a very versatile bag when you do it right! What a great buy! (Have you read my message on your "Sally flap" blog? Hehehehe...we're twins. :D) Enjoy your weekend!

Julia said...

the bag looked really nice on you. i like the black shoes v.s. orange matching ones.

haha.. my dh is very careful and suble when he talks about my spending. he talks about it a couple of times a year. not too bad.

those clogs looked hot on you. good idea to pair them with your leather-look legging.

btw, i added a new modeling picture to my thread on TPF. let me know what you think.

have a great weekend

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle: are well motivated (by me) haha.....oh, I can't believe you would call Nordi and order it in USA. haha..I probably won't go throu. that trouble and just pass it then. Now it is great that we have the same bag....yah~~~~ you know, it fits MORE than Chanel JUMBO. However, I don't think we should stuff will wrinkle the side leather w/ the weight pulling from the chain.

Also, yap, you are right, that orange might not look right on Chanel flap..but I don't know if "Sally" is Chloe's classic look though?????? I cheat. I actually wore BCBG purple cami. and that very same pants w/ my Orange sally out but didn't take pic. w/ me until I got home w/ kids. I play w/ my clothes and think this Stella McCartney bow top goes w/ it for a summer look. I guess I have to find a WHITE ensemble for this summer. Anyway, I am still not feeling much w/ the orange sally......maybe I will do it again in the future. :)

litlstrawberry said...

Julia: I will check it out in your thread in a min.

Thanks for the compliment....I am happy as it is my first Chloe bag...I have not much feeling about paddington bag.

Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Haha...Rachel! Yup, you have motivated me a whole lot pal!! When I see something good on people (well not just you, even my mom or my other friends), it motivates buy! Hahahaha!

I actually do order some of my stuff from the US, esp. shoes since I can't seem to find big sizes here in Hong Kong. So, I'm very used to call the US to place my orders. Yes it's troublesome, esp. late night hours phone calls, but it gets me the stuff I can't buy here. So, it's worth it after all. And nothing can beat the US prices when it comes to the bi-annual sales there. Hehehehe!

BTW, purple top with your orange sally bag sounds really nice too! There are just so many colors to match with won't have a problem with it.

Oh...I read that your husband nags you a lot on small and big things? My husband is like that too!! I always say he's very "煩" when he starts to nag. LOL!!! And I totally agree that white lies are the best to this remedy to buy us peace! Hahahahaha! Too bad I can't tell white lies on my purchases, coz in the end, he will see them on his statement! If I am still working now, I would definitely love to have a separate finance from my DH and have some
"private money" for myself. Hehehehe!

BTW, I have confirmed our trip to Paris. It's going to be from Sept 23 to 30. Yay!!! My husband will be in Switzerland a week before our Paris trip, but I won't go to Switzerland together with DH since he'll be busy on a road show and several business meetings over there. I'll be just joining him in Paris afterwards. Have you confirmed your family trip to Switzerland yet?

Have a nice weekend!


P.S. Wave and hi to Julia! And Betsy too if you're there! :D

Julia said...


did you order anything from addtional cut from NM and Saks?

i ordered some stuff this morning before i was kicked out of the door to the Thomas&friends Train Park. well, i was the one suggested it. son had a blast there.

wave back to Mia. want to see how you wear your orange sally. :-) it is very pretty bag, it doesnt look like Chloe. i saw the bag in several mag and ads. congrats.


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi Julia! (Waving back!!)

Nice to see you here! So what did you buy from the NM and Saks further cut? I'm intrigued!

Oh...I've learned from you gals in the US to do price adjustment! I've bought a pair of Givenchy shoes from Barney's and asked for price adjustment since I found out that the shoes were having an extra 25% off! So, I have US$100+ refund to my card! Yay!!! Thanks to you gals that I know I'm entitled to Price Adjustments which will never happen here in Hong Kong! LOL!!

The Sally bag is really a great bag. I really don't know why it took me so long to purchase it. Thanks to Rachel for the "inspiration" that I finally pulled the trigger. I originally wanted the purple first, next is orange and next is the python ivory. But since I have a couple of Chanel bags in purple and ivory/beige already, I chose the orange instead. Hope I will regain back my "modeling mood" so that I can carry the Chloe Sally! But I have to wait for a couple of weeks before I will be able to receive it from Nordstrom. I still have some more shoes from Nordstrom which are to be shipped together with the Sally bag. Sales are just irresistible! LOL!

Oh..your son likes Thomas and Friends? My son likes it too....coz his spoon is Thomas & Friends....he enjoys eating! LOL!

Hope you have a nice weekend!


Purse Addict said...

HAHA...I always lie to my parents about how much my purchases are. My dad has learned not to ask bc I think it upsets him too much and my mom is just nosy :P

BTW, I was at Nordstroms on Friday and I asked abt the Sally...the SA said purples are completely gone and she thinks she might have one more orange (in the entire company) so good thing you got yours!!

Modapark.Net said...

I like orenge bag :)te

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Modapark.Net! It really is a cute bag.


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