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19 June, 2009

Never Stock Up Your Fashion Buy!! (1)

You must heard of Stocking Up Your Favorite Cosmetics NOW when things on sale all the time!! The normal shelf life of any cosmetics is 5 years w/o open. I don't really stock up anything but make-up remover. I can NOT PUTTING ON ANY CREAM or MAKE-UPS for a week but I certainly can't sleep w/ the make-ups on ONE NIGHT. lol It'll be like I am doing the opposite to my skin .... applying all the serum to fight for losing collagen while leaving chemical to age my skin at the same time. Besides, what's the point of stocking up all the creams when they constantly go on sale these days and at certain point you might end of forgetting you already had them!!!

For things such as clothes, shoes, and bags....I never stock them up. Not even for ONE month!!! Maybe it is because I don't have big wardrobe to rotate so I wear NEW BUY right away. I konw lots of my darling gal friends have way too many clothes, shoes than I do. They can always dig out NEW/UNWORE stuff to wear and claim those are bought like year(s) ago. For me, I feel it is pretty amazing and I often think they must have a magical closet or something like Doraemon's 任意門? How I wish I can dig out new stuff everytime when step into our closet. haha......


The Max Mara clog stiletto is very high and I had to sit down for a rest!! My friend and I went to Emeryville in oakland yesterday to shop for some home decor. They have IKEA, EQ3, Pottery barn, West elm, ......etc. in the neighborhood. I didn't sign up summer school for my older kids so I am taking them everywhere w/ me. I have to came up a place to take them for a field trip everyday before their 2 weeks summer camp starting at next week.

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