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21 June, 2009

That Certain Look!!

I carried my new Chloe Orange Sally this whole week in order for me to have a "bounding" w/ the bag. lol ....I said, there is a certain look that absolutely needs a certain style of bag to complete it.

I lurrrve what I had on today for the best match of Chloe Sally so far. :) Somehow I just feel the silk/stain fabric goes very well w/ the vintage/royal look of Chloe Sally bag. So what do you think??

The best Father's Day gift for my DH is to drag him w/ me to do "Power Yoga" this morning. Well, literally, we should celebrate for him but everyone knows, a good health is the only game you don't gamble it w/. Wish kids and I will have numerous Father's Day w/ my darling DH.


1. TOP: Max Mara satin lime green tank w/ pocket in front, detail at back
2. BOTTOM: Vanessa Bruno purple polyester shorts w/ 3D pockets at side
  • Purple crystal sandal (going to Power yoga)
  • Max Mara clog platform heels in black
4. BAG: Chloe Orange Sally

I had my deep purple crystals sandal to match up my first Vanessa Bruno shorts before I dressed up. (I had my everything in that free people shopping bag...kinda match well w/ my outfit too!!!)

Outing w/ Abby and Niel, I left Ilona w/ DH at home for a nap.

I am also feeling this Max Mara clog platform!!

I like this kick-back look especially the unbuttoned bag.


RRE-T*F said...

When I was sent the fashion catalog with the picture of the orange Chloe bag, I had to cut it out and save it while I threw away the catalog. Now I see it on you, and it's as attractive as I thought it would be in real life. Enjoy!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, true: how are you? I saw the pic. of a boy w/ cowboy hat...and then I immediately knew it is you.

.... Now I can visit your blog too. Thanks for sharing it w/ me. :) now you made me think that next time, I can just cut off the specific item in the pic. from catalog too...since rest of the stuff in the catalog isn't really that intriguing. :)


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