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27 June, 2009

Ferry Building Fun ...... What A Eye Candy Day!!

I said it, somehow I am loving "black" back these must be the trend or designer's collection made me think the BLACK color is the new "Statement" color.

I start wearing my Y-3 sneakers which I never wear unless I am going to the gym. Plus, I don't even do jogging since it bored me to death. lol Sneakers to me is more like an accessory than an activity essential!!

We went to Ferry Building in SF city and had a blast there.........all of us had a treat by the city today!!


1. TOP:
  • ZARA striped shirt
  • So Nice black vest w/ sheer trim (Taiwan brand)
2. BOTTOM: Pleated skirt from my mom
3. Accessory:
  • Sea-grass Fedora hat
  • Fallon brass cross/glass necklace (Barnes New York)
The necklace is featured in BAZAAR "Best summer buy in July".

I like to layer my two necklaces together for a more unique look.

  • Ferburge limited ed. blue enamel/sapphire cross necklace
  • Y-3 black sneakers
  • navy degraded socks
  • Chloe sunglasses
  • Chanel 09 s/s black bow w/ cc dangle earrings
  • Chanel 08 s/s black rodeo drive in large w/ perforated lambskin
I know, my bang looks funny cause' I cut it myself....hopefully, it will look natural after couple days. haha...

I normally spend 1 hour to get dressed for myself then it leaves me not much time to dress up for my 3 kids. It doesn't mean that my kids don't wear nicely when we family going out together, it is just that I need extra effort to unify our family look w/o bargaining w/ my kids about what to wear.

But I thought today is the day, that I have extra energy to unify our look. I even have to sweet talk to my DH to wear the same pattern shirt w/ us. did you notice that this is the first time that all 5 of us wear a family uniform...striped shirt!!!!!!

This is a pretty funny guy sitting on a fake plane!!! How cute is his smile!!!

See, make sure you train your kids well and you make them do the work---pushing the stroller!!!

The sea grass hat really is an accessory too......eventually, I had to carry an umbrella for the sun!!

This will be my Halloween costume, I guess!!

We saw so many scene like this topless or barely-wore young, pretty girls
in the city today. I am suddenly feeling so "ALiVE" again!!! :P

These two elderly ladies are TWINs and you can tell from behind too. You know, I am so moved when seeing they are walking and growing old
together !!

Across street from Ferry building has flea market every Tue. Thur. and Sat. so I bought couple art prints when walking all the way to bloomingdales. The artist gave me her hand-carved artichokes mold after I bought two limited prints from her. I am feeling so so so honored and had to ask her to sign at the back of her original mold.

I think you know why did I buy that strawberry print!!! :)

We had yummy crepes at food court of bloomingdales before we walked back to Ferry building and end our day at Osha Thai restaurant!


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Hi R!! Love your pix sweet of you to dress up the whole family in stripes!! All of you look cute together! Hehe....I sometimes do that too. My DH loves being dressed up by me coz he doesn't really dress up when off-work.

Love your outfit. Very young and fresh with your Y3 sneakers. Y3 is a hit here in HK...hehe. Oh, I am admiring your new Fallon necklace. It's really a unique one. I looked that up at Barney's website and saw that the chains are actually made of cross. Nice choice! Do you like cross accessories? There is a baroque kind of cross brooch from Chanel Paris-Moscou Moscova Collection. Hehehehe....

Haha...I will try to summon the energy to post modeling pix again. It's just that these days, since our building has a confirmed case of swine flu at one of the floors, we don't really dare to go out. So, I mostly stay at home and spend my entire time with Mason (of course when he's asleep, I go online...hehehe). That's why I don't really have any ensembles except with my pajamas. LOL!!

But you're so right! :D I have around 25 Chanel items and 30+ shoes to reveal. Don't have the time yet to take pix of them as it's been raining here, and then some haven't arrived yet. So, I'll do my reveal and modeling pix in July at the Mommy's thread.

So nice to have a more "concentrated" place here in your blog to chat a bit about non-Chanel related things. Likewise, sometimes I miss out where the Mommy thread is and it's so hard to follow now! LOL!

Have a nice weekend!

P.S. Have you started planning your Switzerland trip?


Bon Chic Bon Genre said...

Oh BTW R, do you know what kind of heel grips works the best? I just bought a pair of Louboutin Very Prive Paillettes with lots of sequins in the Nude color, but the heels always slip off my foot. I remember you have a pair of this in black or navy or brown color? Do you have this heel slippage problem? IF yes, which brand of heel grips did you use? Here in HK, we only have the Dr.School gel or leather heel grips, but I tried them and they don't work for me (heel slippage problem becomes even worse when I use them). If you know, please shed me some light. Thanks in advance R!


litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Michelle: yes, I guess here will be more specific about *things* we can talk about. what? 30? 25? 20? Are you talking about your age and MINE? hahaha...O MY.... ok, I guess I won't even guess what did you get, I will just wait then. :)

Because of you, I wore my very prive CL heels out today...just to get more tips for you!!

Wai Thit said...

aww R!!

Reading your blog make me miss tpf, states, SF, my life there and everything.. now i want to run back to blommingdales for some crepes and papabeard and osha for dinner! oh well thats a life time away now..

cant read blogspot in burma for some reason and i am catching up on your blog while i am in bangkok for a buiz trip.. loving every outfit as usual!

litlstrawberry said...

hi, Cutie Pie:

great to hear from you. So you still travel alone is your wedding plan? Is everything set?

Oh, yap, I am trying to set the mood to post back in tpf some day know, it is fun to have all the girls there!! :0

You have a great trip in Thailand. :)

Liz W said...

I love your short bangs! It almost makes you look like a different person.


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