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Spicy Woman!!

I can't live a day w/o chili sauce to go w/ my meal ..... so I definitely deserve the title of Spicy Woman!! lol 

They are great for cooking or as dipping sauce!

This is how much chili sauce I ate along w/ my noodle soup for lunch......Chili dry fish w/ black bean curd, Thai chili sauce and Chili Garlic sauce.
~~~ All we want is HOT HOT~~~ ^O^

Didn't I tell you that I had all my food pre-prepared yesterday and they are ready to go IN the pan anytime?! Well, most of them!!

But obviously, I can't pre-prepare my Tonkatsu until the min. before dinner time.

Flour, beaten egg, Panko bread crumbs, can't mess up the order!!

Ta da~ 

Those are dinner of the day!  That red soup is Kimchi spicy beef w/ toufu pot...... yeah, spicy food for dinner too!!
I had to cut Tonkatsu into pieces for my kids and they love dipping broccoli into that roasted sesame salad dressing...... so I guess dressing or sauces or spices plays a big role in the dishes for my family! ^O^

Speaking of food preparation, y…

CHILD-LESS and Ilona's First Day of School!!

Today is the day that Ilona goes to pre-K... FULL DAY from 9 to 6 PM. She stays at school mostly from 9 to 3:30 except for Monday and Wednesday. I know, you probably think I am so cruel to her...... 

However, if you listen to what she talked about school stuff endlessly, I know that only denotes SHE IS SO READY FOR School! ^^

Ilona looked very "sleepy" there~ 
How cute she sits on her luggage for her "bedding" and that lunch box placed right next to her seems so gigantic!! Lol

I did a lot of house chores in the morning, except for cleaning the stove top, I also went two grocery stores to shop.....then I came home to do the preparation for rest of the week prior cooking such as cutting/dividing the beef into small containers, use "Cuisinart food processor" shredding carrots, asparagus, and wash string beans and cabbage and store them in the ziplock bags ... for ready-to-use. As far as what types of dishes and what kinds of ingredients make up a dish goes, I th…

Quality Time w/ Family at Burlingame!

You know, there must be a lot of moms who thanks for technology just as much as I do too....  ^^

When we are on-the-go, Iphone and I-pad are our life-saver, literally!! 
Those cartoon movies or games are just a-touch away and they keep my children entertained while I can speed up or enjoy a little longer doing whatever I am doing. 
We went to Burlingame city this weekend and we had a wonderful time there... high fashion and high technology.... I mean APPLE store where my kids can enjoy playing the latest games on i-Pad. NOW, whenever I mention there is an APPLE store in certain area that I am going to, I can see my kids' eye lighten up.... cause' they know, they wont' be bored anymore!!! lol

Gymboree where my kids can watch some cute and educational TV in the store. 
Abby found it~~ ^^

Apple store.... We 3 girls love the no-brain game.... haha.... Marble Mixer!!

This harvest furniture store has this cute and vintage looking mini mannequin which is a perfect alternative to a …

Stepping Into Fall in Mustard Yellow and Orange!! Plus, Chanel Nail Polish 509 PARADOXAL!!

So I heard that Chanel nail polish 509 PARADOXAL eggplant shade is not quite flattering,  NOT EVEN ON ME!! But some of you know me enough that I'd try my best to make things WORK FOR ME! ^O^ 

Stubborn that I am!! 

Today, I dug out my very first Christian Louboutin Very Prive sequin heels in deep navy/purple. I was thinking perhaps the purplish sequins could "highlight" that iridescent purple nail polish on my toes better to coax it doing the work of "flattering" MOI!!! 

Then I think it worked!!!

What do you think? (Pardon those veins!)

There I had very bright ORANGE polish on.... keep the FUN! ^^

Doesn't Pei look adorable there!!!

I always amazed how detail that Pei would pay attention on her every single piece, the layer, the color matching, the bag and the boots! 
Kudos to her!

Yu and I both had orange and yellow accessories.... pure coincidence! ^O^

Don't we look like sisters again!! 
People tend to be confused by us the gym, on the street, in the shop…

The Color of Bib Necklace echos my 2010 s/s YSL Tribute Platform Heels.

I am going to apply that Chanel iridescent eggplant purple nail polish on toes and taupe one from Target on my nails later in the afternoon for a ready for A/W look!  

MAC cream purple eye shadow, SmashBox pale pink eyeshadow, make-up forever purple eyeshadow. 

Jill Stuart purple eyeliner on top, Chantecaille green eyeliner at bottom eyeliner, smashbox pale pink eyeshadow highlight just below the green eyeliner. 

MakeupForever purple eyeshadow on the crease and Mac cream lavender eyeshadow between eye and nose beneath eyebrow. 
I also dashed a little highlighter from Bobbi Brown on my nose there. 

It seems that I use a lot of eyeshadows doing make-ups but the keys is "always dash a little bit" when doing more than 2 colors on eyelid.  You know little color would go a long way. (my skin is Normal to a bit dry in continental weather here and gets more oily in Asia... wired, huh!?) 

Thanks to Irene who gave me that cute sea shell leaves/pearls earrings as my birthday gift. 

This India…

Girls Tea Time at Crown Crumpet!!

I can't wait to have mommy/daughters shopping DATE in the NEAR future!! ^^ Today is Abby, Ilona, and Vanessa's training day for their manners while we are having an English Afternoon Tea Time. 

We stop by Cris consignment store in Polk st. before we head for lunch. 

The owner, Cris, is kind enough to give our girls small gifts. 

As for two of us? 
We each got our own things and happily left the store. 

OFF WE GO CROWN CRUMPT English tea room!!

Am I wearing something too cute today!!? I even had a tutu skirt underneath that pink bubble skirt! 
Pei gave me that pretty sequins tank top as one of my gifts and both Ann and her come up w/ this best match skirt for it. Thanks to them!! 

Thanks to Yu who introduces us this pretty decor. store.  
Although I am a cannibal and pretty much need meat for LUNCH instead of those itsy-bitsy treats. lol

Crown Crumpet English tea Room

Girls are waiting for the table to be set up. 

Abby gently pours the "lemonade" into the cub. ^^