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31 August, 2010

Spicy Woman!!

I can't live a day w/o chili sauce to go w/ my meal ..... so I definitely deserve the title of Spicy Woman!! lol 

They are great for cooking or as dipping sauce!

This is how much chili sauce I ate along w/ my noodle soup for lunch......Chili dry fish w/ black bean curd, Thai chili sauce and Chili Garlic sauce.
~~~ All we want is HOT HOT~~~ ^O^

Didn't I tell you that I had all my food pre-prepared yesterday and they are ready to go IN the pan anytime?! Well, most of them!!

But obviously, I can't pre-prepare my Tonkatsu until the min. before dinner time.

Flour, beaten egg, Panko bread crumbs, can't mess up the order!!

Ta da~ 

Those are dinner of the day! 
That red soup is Kimchi spicy beef w/ toufu pot...... yeah, spicy food for dinner too!!

I had to cut Tonkatsu into pieces for my kids and they love dipping broccoli into that roasted sesame salad dressing...... so I guess dressing or sauces or spices plays a big role in the dishes for my family! ^O^

Speaking of food preparation, you know, refrigerators,  microwave oven, coffee maker, food processor, and dish washers really emancipated us from much of the drudgery of meal preparation and afterward cleanup.  Let alone those so-called small "kitchen Gadgets" for peeling/crushing garlic, for extracting seed out of cherries....etc. are really helpful in certain situation.  Take me for instance, imaging w/o the extracting cherry seed gadgets, how many seeds I have to take out for all my 3 children when they eating along and the triple speed that I have to train my teeth and tongue to do the job before they all reach out for the next one!! ^O^ Therefore, thanks to the inventor who came up w/ it especially it really works~~ AMAZING!!

It took me 20 mins to cook for myself a lunch and an hour to assemble 4 dishes for family dinner.......... how about this morning!?

We all woke up around 7:30 AM for kids' dental appointment at 8:30 AM. 
zzzzzzz....... sleepy bed head~

Niel, Abby and Ilona (in the next room) take over the entire dental clinic this morning~ lol

Ah, that's why they can really sit on the exam chair -- watch
Sponge Bob - Square Pants on the ceiling!

So after hour and a half, we are OUT the dental office ......

My ODJ. 

1. Top:

  • Sequin tank (gift from Pei)
  • Inochi Fox fur w/ collar vest 

2. Bottom:
techno metallic charcoal skirt w/ drawstring

3. Accessory:

  • Chanel Hawaii LTD metallic silver timeless clutch
  • pink sparkle loose leggings
  • J crew mustard green studs belt

4. Shoes:
Boss Orange 3 tons mary-jane platform

Going up to the city tomorrow~
Have a good nite sleep!

xoxo Rachel


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Dentis take over and the clinic invasion :)) It's cool though they could all go together -makes it less scarier and more fun! You looked perfect, as always!

As for the food, wow! Rachel, everything looks super delicious!!!

P.S. To answer your question about support, I'll have to agree with you, that a lot of time it depends on a situation and I would usually know who to turn to for some support lol But speaking in general, the person I've ever recieved the most support from is... myself!! Haha If we're talking other people, this would have to be my grandma.

susanh98 said...

Yummy food!! So do you train your kids to eat spicy too? Any other signature dish you would share with us? I enjoyed making the beef noodle soup one :) thank you!
Btw I don't think you are cruel at all Ilona looks happy to go to school. You look Fab as usual. Take care

litlstrawberry said...

Oh, yeah, Julia, I would think I, myself, am the biggest self-supportive system!! Well, I think most people are like that, we are our own BOSS for a lot of things...making decision, ... etc. sort of things... you know what do I meant! ^^

yeah, I think it really is big thing to take them all 3 for check-ups but again, it is also more efficient!

Thanks, I think it is also time for me to sign up some real culinary class ...just for FUN and for the TUMMY. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

hee, hey... I don't have many signature dish but you know what, I am going to make my beef noodle soup tomorrow...or the day after :P. But I bought beef stew chunk instead of a whole beef banana shank since I just grab whatever they have in the Japanese Supermarket today. ^^

I think I'd find some interesting cooking class to attend in the future ..then I might be able to show you something...... ELSE!! haha..

Betsy C. said...

Yay for the fur vests coming out of the closets again! I <3 the look, but don't dare to wear it b/c it would make me look bigger than I want to b/c of my chest. But I've always loved them on you and Izy.

I had to chuckle when I saw your kids at the dentist office b/c we go to the exact same one! LOL. We like the doc a lot since she's always been very friendly and efficient. Plus, the toys and the TV do help the kids "enjoy" the experience much more.

Gotta love the chilli sauce too, tho I'm getting a feeling that you eat way more spicy than me. Cooler weather is just around the corner so I think I'll be bringing out the spices more often now.

I cook tonkatsu once in a while too cuz kids love them. One trick I've learned from a Japanese cookbook is to refrigerate the breaded raw pork before cooking so that the panko and egg stays on the meat better. But your tonkatsu looks like it's doing fine so maybe you don't need that extra step. (^_^)

What else are you doing these days when kids are in school?

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Betsy:
hum.. I know, too much time and feel "bored" by ourselves at home, huh?? haha......

hey, girl, we should have a lunch date..i will call you next week.

Did you ever try the fur vest? I'd love to shop w/ you and find couple to let you try it is fun and you might be surprised. ^^

Isabel is finally back in LA and we have been chatting couple times even this morning. Everything is same old w/ her but hopefully she'd come up and visit us soon.

What's your plan for your "mom w/o kids" days!???


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