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24 August, 2010

Hot in the air!

It is 104º F here in San Jose today!! HOT HOT HOT > <.....Scorching hot!! But since I am staying IN most of the time, I am glad that I didn't have a heat stroke even in my leather shorts today!! lol

Ann Taylor bib necklace gifted from Ann. There are tiny rhinestones and it looks incredible precious!
(SOLD OUT!!! ^O^) 
I love brass baubles and they are great to jazz up any kind of looks. 
I think Ann Taylor is doing not bad in business from swinging back to profit this season at their retails. 

I had purple eyeliner today. 

I don't really like to display my necklaces on a rack or anything, I'd rather store them inside the drawers. Just a few of my fave. I'd hang them on my vanity desk to keep my room look tidy. 

Isn't that a gorgeous thing or what?!

No, I don't want to wear boots or anything seems COOL today even w/ leather shorts.
Something Kawaii it is. ^^ 

I bought this lace bat-sleeves jacket in Taipei and I am so happy w/ its look and good price. 
It is made in Korea and these days most of Asians raved about Korea's culture, music, and styles...everything!! 

Rrrr,... almost twisted my neck there. 

Yu gave me this distressed lace "leggings" but it is so tight that I barely wear it pass my Bu**.  Therefore, I made it as leg warmer or arm warmer w/ elastic bands instead. 

My ODJ. 

1. Top:
Free people tube bra
Mexx sheered navy shirt (bought from Taipei, way back in 99')

2. Bottom:
Joie high waist leather shorts

3. Accessory:
Ann Taylor brass w/ crystals bib necklace 
Distressed lace leg warmer..(by me)
HoBo International distressed suede messenger bag

4. Shoes:
kron by Kron Kron 

W/ necklace and o la la ~ my complete ensemble. 

So, we are slowly renovating our Pergo floor to hardwood inside the house.  But mainly, it is our two bedrooms downstairs are given a face-lift first. Next? Should be our tiny closet!!

The warm color of this Maple "Mirage" hardwood flooring gives Ilona's room a very hospitality look. 

Ilona normally climbs onto her bed to nap in the late afternoon. But she still sleeps w/ Abby upstairs during the night. 

Sweet dream,  my little princess!!
xoxo MOM


Anh said...

Perfect little girl's room!

Thanks so much for your comment - you're right the stitching is a different color (not sure if it is red or brown or something else), and it really makes it stand out!

and....HAPPY BIRTHDAY (sometime soon?)!!!!!!!! Hope you have a weeklong celebration, or maybe even the whole month. =)

Mona P said...

Your daughter's room is so cute!

As for the space, I can only dream about a big closet for now. Remember Carrie's closet in her apartment with Mr. Big? Gorgeous!

Charles said...

that's so funny because it's just starting to become fall where I am :)! I love your necklace and shoes! xx

litlstrawberry said...

Thanks, Anh.
Yes, I kind of wanting to sleep on my daughter's floor. ^^

I know, the stitches are the first thing I noticed for that bag and then I asked SA about the color. ^^ Good choice!!

litlstrawberry said...

hey, Mona, I think I can only dream for a big closet as well... our walk-in closet is so small that it doesn't even make sense in a 5 suite rooms house of ours. ^^

janettaylor said...

Cute room! And I really love Ur necklace!

litlstrawberry said...

thx, Janet.

Betsy C. said...

Rachel -- Love this post b/c I've always wondered how others display or keep their baubles. It adds to the decor that you drape them over the mirror and also have beautiful jewelry display stands. I've been looking through a few from Urban Outfitter website but I have yet to decide which ones I want. I dont have a vanity desk so... it's hard to picture where to put an elaborate one (which is usually what I like).

Ann's present from AT is totally gorgeous and I can see how it'll work in with your wardrobe. It's similar color with your other necklace that I see these days.

Ilona's room is too, too cute! Too bad she doesn't want to sleep in there at night! Do you shop mostly online for her room items?

I had no idea you were re-doing your floor but it sounds like the construction is not too bad at all. Otherwise, I would say that DH and I are putting off most home updates until kids are older and less destructive. LOL.

Btw, thanks so much for your email and I'll have to reply asap! We had a great time in LA, though exhausting b/c of heat and Disneyland.

susanh98 said...

Ilona looks so sweet taking her nap. I love the vanity for her room very delicate for a girl's room. Did you get it from that site of the cribs? What was it again? Sorry bad memory. Hey is your purple liner from jil Stuart or other brand?
Thnx dear and you look great as usual!

litlstrawberry said...

yeah, Betsy, gets a lot of rest... I can't image how will you cope w/ the heat/sun down in LA.. Disney while lining up there. GEez,... can't even think about it. :P But you guys must had a great time, you know, I always think that parents always sacrifice more for their children but not vice versa.... *sigh*..... ( you know, I really hate standing under the I really think lining up in the line just to see my kids' smile/excitement is very much of a sacrifice to me...hahah..) *Kudo* to you!! ^^

Oh, yes, I think I can't stand the "stain" in those two room downstairs anymore. Kids/guests come in that room quite often and often drop food/spill drinks....etc. there and I gave up cleaning. I think HF is a good choice. My constructor did a fabulous job that they manage to keep the dust/work tidy and every efficient for they only takes 3 days to finish that 2 rooms including moving OUT and IN our furnitures. need a referral? ^^

Talk to you later!!

litlstrawberry said...

Hi, Susan, nop, you do have a good memory. That purple eyeliner is from Jill Stuart which I bought in Taiwan. ^^

I do mostly shop my stuff online and that vanity desk is from online pottery barn TEEN!! ... (we don't have that store in west coast.) It is not that pricy and has both practical/esthetic functionality in one. ^^ Great alternative, I think. You should check it are going to love it too. ^^

litlstrawberry said...

OH, Betsy, btw, PBteen also has pretty jewelry stand,..and is more sturdy/quality wise. I was in fact looking at that miniature mannequin and 3 tiered tower plates for my baubles. ^^


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